100kV Oil Break Down Voltage Tester Delivered

Public by:Jack Chang 2020-09-04 00:00

The breakdown voltage of the insulating oil is to place the insulating oil sample to be tested in the test oil cup, apply a power frequency AC voltage through the high-voltage electrode, and gradually increase the voltage value until the insulating oil is broken down or the voltage is boosted to the maximum value of the test voltage. In this way, the dielectric strength of the insulating oil can be measured. Due to the non-uniform distribution of impurities in the insulating oil (including the Brownian motion of the impurities in the oil) and other factors, the test results of the breakdown voltage are dispersive. Therefore, several tests are required, and the average value of these several measurements is taken as the test result. The insulating oil sample must be placed for a period of time before the test to improve the degree and reliability of the test result.

The working process of the EPOT insulating oil dielectric strength tester is as follows: the operator first adjusts the oil cup gap to the set distance through a feeler gauge, fills the oil cup with the tested insulating oil sample and places it on both ends of the high-voltage electrode, and starts the oil resistance The pressure meter starts to test, and the CPU controls the oil pressure meter to drive the stepper motor to start running. The stepper motor can adjust the middle tap of the voltage regulator, and the output voltage can be left standing or stirring to the voltage point specified in the regulations, and the voltage regulator changes from 0V When it reaches 200V, the high-voltage step-up transformer simultaneously obtains positive and negative symmetrical and continuously adjustable AC high voltage up to 80kV or 100kV. When the test product in the tested oil cup breaks down during the step-up process, the photoelectric isolation circuit will The breakdown current signal collected by the high-voltage end is sent to the CPU. At this time, the microcontroller issues an interrupt command to cut off the output voltage of the voltage regulator. The output voltage of the high-voltage transformer is immediately stopped. The stepper motor controls the voltage regulator to reverse the tap to output quickly and evenly. The voltage drop is zero. According to the "International standard IEC-156 2 Insulating Oil Breakdown Voltage Determination Method", when testing the oil sample, the oil pressure tester needs to test the oil sample 6 times, and then take the average value and Print out.