in the EPTTR-D ?
General Information:
Turns ratio test is very important in order to find out the transformer has the right ratio corresponding on its rated voltage in primary and secondary. EPTTR-D is three phase, automatically test set specially designed for turns ratio, group test, PT and CT polarity measurements of power, distribution and instrument transformer.

  • ♦ It has the function of blind measurement, that is, to perform variable ratio and group test when there is no connection between high and low voltage.
  • ♦ Based on the test of conventional transformer, Z-type transformer and PT sample, the polarity test function of CT variable ratio is added, and the application field is wider
  • ♦ Wide range and high accuracy, the variable ratio measurement range can reach 10,000, and the test accuracy can be guaranteed 0.3% when the maximum value is 10,000.
  • ♦ It has perfect protection functions such as reverse connection protection and output short circuit protection.
  • ♦ 5.6-inch super industrial high-brightness color LCD screen, still visible under strong sunlight.
  • ♦ Equipped with printer, facilitate data printing
  • ♦ It can be stored locally and on USB memory. 
Range 0.9~10000
Accuracy ±(Reading×0.1%+2 words)(≤500)
±(Reading×0.2%+2 words)(>500≤3000)
±(Reading×0.3%+2 words)(>3000)
Resolution ration 0.9~9.9999(0.0001)
10000 and above(1)
Working power supply AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Instrument weight 3.8 kg
Instrument dimension 325 mm(L)×225 mm(W)×125 mm(H)
Use of temperature -10℃~50℃
Relative humidity ≤90%,No dew