80kV VLF High Voltage Tester EPVLF 80/1.1 Delivered

Public by:Jack Chang 2020-11-30 10:09

VLF High Voltage Tester EPVLF adopts 7-inch touch screen, the latest ARM7 single chip microcomputer, high-speed AD acquisition circuit, and is equipped with background management software. It overcomes many shortcomings of similar products, and its cost performance is much higher than that of similar products. It is especially suitable for withstand voltage test of electrical equipment with large insulation equivalent capacitance (such as power cable, power capacitor, large and medium-sized generator and motor, etc.), which conforms to the national standard of electric power industry, general technical conditions for ultra-low frequency and high voltage generator.

EPVLF High Voltage Tester has two models for selection:

-Press button

-Touch screen

Please contact EP Hipot Electric tech@ephipot.com for more details.