30kVA 800V Induced Overvoltage Test Set (DVDF) Delivered

Public by:Jack Chang 2020-12-18 18:10

Each distribution or Power transformers have to pass induced overvoltage withstand test (DVDF Test). DVDF means Double Voltage Double Frequency. As the name stands – transformer should be tested with double the voltage then the rated voltage and as same double the frequency then the rated frequency.

General Information:
EPDVDF-30kVA DVDF Test Set is mainly used for inductive withstand voltage testing on various low voltage of 0.4kV and below transformers.

The system is consisted by below units:
➢ Generator Motor Set 30kVA 800V EPYZR-30 1 Unit
➢ DVDF Control Console EP-DVDF 30kVA 1 Unit
➢ Connecting Cables 1 Set

Please contact EP Hipot Electric : tech@ephipot.com for more details.