in the EPGK-G ?

General Information:
EPGK-G provides convenience for the dynamic analysis of various circuit breakers, and can accurately measure the mechanical dynamic characteristic parameters of high voltage circuit breakers of various voltage levels such as low oil, high oil, vacuum, and sulfur hexafluoride. The high-voltage circuit breaker is responsible for the dual tasks of control and protection in the power system, and its performance is directly related to the safe operation of the power system. The mechanical characteristic parameter is one of the important parameters to judge the performance of the circuit breaker.

-It is suitable for SF6 switch, GIS combined electric appliance, vacuum switch, oil switch, vacuum contactor, special circuit breaker (train circuit breaker). It can measure 12 channels metal contacts, 6 channels main contacts and 6 channels auxiliary channels. The circuit breaker operates once to obtain data and waveforms such as time, number of bounces and time, speed, coil current and coil resistance. It has the functions of energy storage, automatic and manual low-trip test, circuit breaker life test and (optional for blocking power supply and dry contact control). Equipped with a high-speed thermal printer for easy on-site printing of test data.

-7 inch color high-brightness screen (brightness adjustable), the operation under the sun is also clearly visible. Menu operation, quick test interface, one-key operation. The 12-channel contacts status is displayed in English, the time, stroke, speed and waveform are displayed on the same screen without turning pages to view the data. Analyze the average speed of the specified section and mark it on the stroke curve for easy viewing. Built-in 21 types of conventional circuit breaker speed definition, just select the switch type, one-key measurement.

-The integrated operating power supply in the machine eliminates the need for on-site secondary power supply, which is convenient and quick to use. It can provide DC20~270V adjustable power supply, current 20A. It has a short-circuit protection function. If a short-circuit occurs, the voltage and current output will be stopped within 1ms, and an alarm will sound to remind the operator to check the line. Unique dual-circuit power supply design, if one of the closing or opening control loops is damaged, the other can also be used to test closing and opening.

-Equipped with linear sensors, rotary sensors, and special fixed multi-function connectors, installation is extremely convenient and simple. The length of the linear sensor can be set arbitrarily from 30-1000mm, only the sensor is required, and the instrument does not need to be returned to the factory to change the program.

-The tester can store 100 groups of current test data, and the internal real-time clock is convenient for archiving.

-Equipped with U disk interface and R232 interface, data is saved to U disk, uploaded to the computer for analysis, storage, and printing. The R232 interface can be connected to the computer for online operation (optional function).

-The internal anti-interference circuit can satisfy the reliable use in 500kV substation.

Technical Specifications:

Time test

12 channels


OpenClosesame phase no- synchronism

OpenClosephase to phase no-synchronism

CloseOpenbounce timebounce numbers

Internal trigger test range: 0.01ms10000ms, resolution: 0.01ms,

External trigger test range: 0.01ms200000ms

Resolution within 999ms: 0.01ms, 1000-9999ms resolution: 0.1ms.

Resolution above 10000ms: 1ms.

Accuracy rate within 200ms: 0.05%±1 word

Velocity test


Pointed periods of timetravel period or angle periodaverage speed

Range: 1mm Sensor


0.1mm sensor: 0.0012.50m/s

360°angle sensor: 1cycle/ 0.25°

Travel test

Moving contactor travel

Contactor travel (open distance)

Overshoot travel or bounce travel (amplitude)

Linear sensor50mmmeasuring range: 0-50mm, resolution:0.1mm

Linear sensor100-1000mmoption

Encoder: 360о rotating sensor, measuring range: 0-1000mm, resolution: 0.25о.

Current & resistance range:

Max. current output 30A, resolution: 0.01A, resistance 1000Ω, resolution: 0.01Ω.

AC source

AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 10%

DC source

Output voltage20270V continuous adjustmentDC110V30A (short time), DC220V20A (short time). Power: 4400W.

External trigger voltage:

AC/DC10-300V, current 120A

Measuring range of isolating switch or energy storage circuit breaker:

1. Voltage output: DC20270V (adjustable)

2. Power output time: 0.01-10 seconds (can be set)

3. The max. collection time of contact signal is 10 seconds

4. Measurable contact closing time, opening time, three-phase different period, bounce time and frequency

Working temperature




Control unit oversize


Weight (N.W.)

5kg (Analyzer)

7kg (Accessories)