in the EPDL ?

I. Applications:
EPDL Cable Fault Locating System Accurately and quickly detect the main insulation fault of power cables with voltage levels of 35kV and below, calibrate the cable length.

II. The system is including:

Product Name




Cable Fault Tester



Rough measurement of main insulation.

12.1-inch industrial control integrated machine, touch operation

Cable Fault Locator



LCD display, sound and magnetic synchronization

HV Pulse Generator



8kV/64μF, 16kV/16μF, 32kV/4μF three-speed cart type, power 2048J

III. Main technical parameters of the system:

1) Windows operating system, touch operation mode, scientific cable management, real-time report generation; 10 pulses and 10 flashover wave superposition analysis, built-in operating instructions, cable information, measured cases, etc.

2) System functions: fault distance measurement, fault location, propagation speed test, etc.

3) Test methods: low-voltage pulse, flashover method, audio method, acoustic-magnetic synchronization method, valley method, peak method, electromagnetic induction method, etc.

4) Display control: Cable Fault Analyzer: 12-inch industrial-grade integrated machine control, built-in 12V/10Ah DC power supply, can work continuously for 10 hours; the others are controlled by single-chip microcomputer, and pointer meter display.

5) Test range: Test distance: 60km.

6) Measurement accuracy: rough measurement error: ±10m (absolute value) or 1% (relative value), fine measurement error: ±0.2m (fixed point).

7) Sampling frequency: 100MHz, minimum resolution 0.5m (100m/us)

8) Sampling method: automatic continuous sampling, never miss any discharge waveform

9) Low voltage pulse: width: 0.1uS and 2uS amplitude: 100Vpp

10) Output power: impact power: 0~400W

11) Impact high voltage: 0~8/16/32kV three positions

12) Short circuit current: 0~320mA

13) Burn through power: 2048J

IV. Specifications:
1. Cable Fault Tester EPDL-A

Main function:
1)Windows operating system, touch operation mode, scientific cable management, real-time report generation. 10 pulses and 10 flashover wave superimposition analysis; built-in operating instructions, cable information, measured cases, etc.

2)It has the functions of distance measurement, speed measurement and cable management.

3)100MHz sampling frequency, minimum resolution 0.5m (100m/us)

4)Fully automatic continuous sampling, never miss any discharge waveform.

5)Test method: flashover method, low voltage pulse method.

Main specifications:

Pulse amplitude:


Pulse width:

0.1uS and 2uS

Measuring distance:

Smax: 60km

Smin: 15m

Measurement error:

absolute error of rough measurement: ±10m

Relative error of rough measurement:


Temperature resolution


2. Cable Fault Locator EPDL-D
Cable Fault Locator EPDL-D is an acousto-magnetic synchronous pointing instrument, used with high voltage signal generator, is a portable and intelligent power cable fault pointing instrument. It adopts acoustic-magnetic synchronous locating method to precisely determine the exact location of the cable fault.


1)Adopts sound and magnetic synchronous fixed-point method.

2)Background noise reduction technology can effectively filter environmental interference noise and highlight the discharge sound at the fault location.

3)The intelligent pin-pointing method directly gives the acoustic and magnetic delay value through the intelligent algorithm, reducing the requirements for the tester.

4)Sound and magnetic field channel gain triggers manual adjustment, which is more convenient to fix point.

5)High-performance anti-noise monitor headphones. Adjustable parameters, select appropriate filter parameters, and suppress environmental noise.

6)Highlight LCD to ensure visibility in sunlight.

7)Built-in large-capacity lithium-ion battery power supply, with fast charger.

8)Small and portable, light weight.

Main specifications:

Acousto-magnetic synchronization pin-pointing Cable Fault Locator function:

Sound channel:

Maximum signal gain: >=80dB

Fixed-point accuracy: 0.1m

Magnetic field channel:

Max. signal gain: >80db


Built-in lithium-ion battery pack, nominal voltage 7.4V, capacity 3400mAH

Use time:

Continuous use time > 7 hours


Input AC220V±10%, 50Hz. Nominal output 8.4V, 1A

Charging time:

<6 hours

Display mode:

Transflective 320×240 monochrome liquid crystal


Host 200mm×195mm×120mm


Host 2.0kg

Sensor 2.5kg

Use conditions:


Humidity 5-90%RH

Altitude <4500m

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