in the EPT606 ?

General Information:

Transformer and turbine oil acid number detection is a routine inspection item for power systems and oil-filled electrical equipment in industrial and mining enterprises.
A special reagent bottle is used to hold the extraction liquid and the neutralization liquid. The extraction liquid is stored in glass containers to ensure that there is no plastic additive contaminants. The neutralization solution is stored in polyethylene plastic bottles, which completely avoids the possibility of caustic potassium reacting with glass. In addition, the neutralization liquid balance gas and solid purification device completely avoids the influence of carbon dioxide and water vapor on the concentration of the neutralization liquid, and there is no mistake in using high-concentration caustic potassium or caustic soda purification solutions as titration standard solutions. Accident. During the working process, the user does not need to touch the organic solvent by hand, which reduces the harm of chemicals to the human body.
According to user needs, EPT606 automatic acid number tester can measure 1 to 3 samples respectively.


-3/6 cups design is suitable for testing the acid value of transformer oil and turbine oil.

-Single-chip microcomputer improves work efficiency.

-It automatically completes the operation of extractant addition, neutralization titration and endpoint discrimination, acid value calculation, data storage and printout.

-The man-machine dialogue interface is simple and friendly, and the operation is convenient.

-It is not necessary to prepare self-extracting liquid and neutralizing liquid, etc. the average test time of oil sample is about 2 minutes.

-The resistive touch screen is bright and elegant with accurate input parameters and stable and reliable performance.

-Power off storage function, which can store the latest 100 test results.

-Up to 35 groups of measurement results can be displayed separately, and a number of measurement-related parameters can be printed out.

-The automatic calibration function of the standard acid can eliminate the system error and guarantee the accuracy of the determination result.

-Large capacity and high efficiency carbon dioxide and water purification system ensures the stability of neutralization liquid concentration.

-The design of the chassis is simple and reasonable, the size is small and exquisite, the appearance is elegant and generous.

-Equipped with USB and wireless transmission interface, easy to connect with computer.

Main technical data table:

Test range

0.001~ 0.900 mg KOH/g

Correlation coefficient


Recovery rate

98 ~ 103%

Minimum resolution

0.001 mg KOH/g


2~5% (RSD)


± 0.003 mg KOH/g (0.001 ~ 0.100 mg KOH/g)

2~5% of reading (0.100~0.900 mg KOH/g)

Display mode

large touch-screen color LCD screen


(W) 420 mm * (H) 190 mm * (D) 340 mm

Net weight


Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Working power supply

AC 220V ± 10%

Power frequency

50 ± 5 Hz

Power consumption

150 W

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