After Sales Services

Public by:Li Xin 2017-03-02 10:12

We strictly implement the after-sales service commitments, we firmly believe that high-quality, systematic, comprehensive and fast services are the foundation of career development. With the goal of establishing a first-class service enterprise with strict management and advanced technology, it has formulated a quality policy of "standardized management system, strict process control, guaranteed product quality, and achieved customer satisfaction", and built a good sales service system to provide customers with High-quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service.

-Provide professional consultation, provide detailed technical information, and reasonable quotation.

-Provide factory inspection reception and various convenient conditions for your investigation work.

-Consciously abide by the contract and ensure the smooth implementation of the contract and technical agreement.

-Strive to provide you with quality products on time, and use excellent packaging and transportation methods to ensure that the goods you receive are intact.

-Actively communicate with users, respect user arrangements, and provide users with thoughtful technical support.

-According to the provisions of the contract, we will provide you with services such as inspection, installation, commissioning and training.

-We will provide relevant technical training and technical materials in accordance with customer requirements.

-We guarantee to conduct email, telephone or video guidance within 15 minutes to troubleshoot simple equipment failures.

-We guarantee one-year free warranty and lifetime warranty.

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