Why do we use transformer test bench?

Public by:Li Xin 2020-03-06 09:44

When power workers are testing large transformers, they sometimes need to perform a series of tests on the no-load current, no-load loss, impedance voltage, and load loss of the power transformer. When doing these tests, power workers need to find the corresponding test equipment to test separately, wire and then test, and then disconnect the wire to connect to the next device. The operation is very cumbersome. So is there a device that can integrate these test devices and do so many tests in one step? You can consider a comprehensive transformer test bench.

The transformer testing equipment is a product dedicated to routine transformer testing. It has automatic transformer no-load and load loss measurement, transformer temperature rise test, induction withstand voltage test, power frequency withstand voltage test, transformation ratio group measurement, and DC resistance measurement. At the same time all test items can be manually/automatically performed by software operation or button panel operation.

The EPBZ-III Automatic Transformer Test Bench is an test system for comprehensive transformer testing. It also has a very good application prospect in the power industry, so it is very popular with the majority of power workers.

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