in the EPOT-3A ?
General Information:

EPOT-3A is the new generation of oil dielectric tester, which designed with 3 oil vessels could test at same time. The user only needs to select test procedure or user defined procedure, it can complete the whole test procedures automatically, and save & print the test report.
EPOT-3A can be used for power frequency withstand test on the transformer oil, capacitor oil, electric device, insulation tool, electric manufacturer etc. It’s widely used in the fields of power system, petroleum, chemical industry, railway station, power station, electric manufacturer etc.
Voltage range: AC 0~100kV
  • ♦ Self-detecting function. The regulator could return to zero start automatically.
  • ♦ Controlled a large capacity single chip microcomputer, which is stable and reliable.
  • ♦ The wide range watchdog circuit is set in the tester to prevent the crash.
  • ♦ The oil vessel is made of special glass by one-time casting to prevent the occurrence of oil leakage and interference.
  • ♦ The unique high-voltage sampling design allows the test value to enter the A / D converter directly, avoids the error caused in the analog circuit, and makes the measurement result more accurate.
  • ♦ Full protection functions including over-current, over-voltage, short circuit to ensure the safety of operators. And has strong anti-interference ability and good electromagnetic compatibility
  • ♦ Build-in printer.
  • ♦ Automatic magnetic bar stir, to eliminate uneven and bubble of oil.
  • ♦ 100 test data storage, can display the ambient temperature and humidity.
  • ♦ Portable structure, easy to move, convenient for use indoor and outdoor
Test voltage: AC 0~100kV (selectable)
Voltage boosting rate:  2.0 kV/s,2.5 kV/s,3.0 kV/s,3.5 kV/s (selectable)
Error 0.2kV/s
Power distortion: <1%
Voltage precision: ±(2%reading+2 digits)
Electrodes Gap: 2.5mm
Volume: 730 mm×410 mm×390 mm
Weight: 38kg
Environmental temperature: 0-35℃
Relative humidity: ≤75%RH
Working power AC 220V ± 20%
Power Frequency 50 Hz ± 5 Hz
Standing time The default value is 15 min, and the optional range is 1-15 min (increment step is 1 min).
Interval time
The default value is 5 min, and the optional range is 1-10 min (increment step is 1 min).
Stirring time: The default value is 10 s, the optional range is 5-90 s (increment step is 5 s)
Boosting voltage: The default value is 100 kV, and the optional range is 10-100 kV (increment step is 10kV).
Testing time: The default value is 6 times, and the optional range is 1-6 times (increment step is 1 time)
Vessel select: Test vessel is selectable