in the EPS1000A ?
General Information:

The EPS1000A primary current injection tester adopts ARM chip to control the output process and large capacity ring transformer, with LCD meter to display the primary and secondary current and ratio at the same time. It is mainly suitable for power system CT ratio, contact resistance for which requiring high current test.

Main parameters
Input power: AC: 220V 25A, 50Hz
Output current: AC: 1000A/5V or 500A/10V
Display: LCD digital display, to show primary and secondary current, ratio and phase (polarity) at the same time.
Primary current range: 0 ~ 1100A, resolution: 0.1A
Secondary current range: 0~6A, resolution: 0.001A
Accuracy: RMS ± 0.5%
Dual protection:
overload electronic protection and software protection
Operating environment: Temperature -10~40℃
Relative humidity < 80%
Volume: 430mm × 260mm × 260mm
Weight: 28kg

Rated Current Time (Seconds) Rated Current Time (Seconds)
1100% 10S 60% 600S
100% 60S 50% 1800S
90% 90S 40% 3600S
80% 120S <30% Continuous
70% 240S
The above is the first output time of power on. When the output time reaches the above time, the instrument must be cooled for more than 10 minutes before continuing to output current.