in the EPRC-600A ?
General Information:

The EPRC Micro Ohmmeter is a high-precision, digital switch detection instrument which conforms to the IEC standards. The instrument uses high-power constant-current switching power supply technology to measure micro-ohmic contact resistance. It is widely used for measuring the contact resistance, loop resistance of various switches and electrical appliances, and the contact resistance of cables, wires, and welds.

  • ♦ High output voltage and wide measuring range.
  • ♦ The test current comes from a high-precision, high-current, constant-current power supply. No manual adjustment is required, and the test is fast and accurate.
  • ♦ The four-terminal wiring method effectively eliminates the influence of test lead resistance on test results.
  • ♦ The test is fast, and the data is displayed in about 10 seconds.
  • ♦ The instrument adopts a 128X64 dot matrix LCD screen, all of which are displayed in English, which is convenient for customers.
  • ♦ The instrument has the function of real-time printing of test data.
  • ♦ Intelligent power management technology, the instrument always works in the minimum power state, effectively reducing the internal heat of the instrument and saving energy.

Technical Specifications:

Test Current

100A, 200A, 300A, 600A

Measuring Range:

0 ~ 50mΩ100A

0 ~ 25 mΩ(200A)

0 ~ 15 mΩ(300A)

0 ~ 8 mΩ(600A)


Min. 0.1µΩ


±0.5%±2 digits



Working duration:


Working Supply:

AC220V±10% 50Hz

Working temperature:

0 ~ 40

Relative Humidity:

≤90% no condensation.



Tester weight: