in the EPCP-II ?
EPCP-II CT/PT ANALYZER is mainly used for field testing of P class CT and PT. The test items mainly include excitation characteristic, transformation ratio, polarity, demagnetization, 5% and 10% error curves,  secondary circuit check, withstand test of power frequency alternating current and secondary load. Adopt LCD, built-in printer supporting field printing; supporting to use USB flash disk to dump data, with simple and convenient operation.
  • ◆ Support the detection of CT and PT, single machine output voltage 0-2500V, current 0-1000A.
  • ◆ All test items can be completed on a single machine without external auxiliary equipment.
  • ◆ Equipped with micro fast printer, it can print test results directly on site.
  • ◆ Adopt intelligent controller, easy to operate.
  • ◆ Large screen LCD, graphic display interface.
  • ◆ Give CT / Pt (excitation) inflection point value automatically according to regulations.
  • ◆ Automatically give 5% and 10% error curves.
  • ◆ 3000 sets of test data can be saved without loss after power failure.
  • ◆ Support u disk to transfer and store data, which can be read through standard PC, and generate test report.
  • ◆ Small and light ≤ 22kg, very convenient for field test.
Function Table
I. Current Transformer (CT) II. Voltage Transformer (PT)
1. Magnetization Curve 1. Excitation Characteristic Test
2. Transformation Ratio Test 2. Transformation Ratio Test
3. Polarity 3. Polarity
4.5% and 10% error curve 4. Withstand Test of Power Frequency Alternating Current
5. Current Injecting 5. Degauss
6. Demagnetization 6. Calculation of Knee Point Value
7. Withstand Test of Power Frequency Alternating Current 7. Actual Secondary Load Test
8. Automatic Calculation of Excitation Knee Point Value 8. Resistance Test
9. Actual Secondary Load Test  
10. Resistance Test  
Technical Parameter Table
Major Technical Parameters
Operational Power Supply: AC220V±20V, 50~60Hz
Equipment Power Supply Output Waveform: Sine Wave
Single Tester Output Voltage of Excitation Characteristic: 0~2500V
Excitation Output Current: 0~20 A
Single machine output current of turns ratio test 0~1000A
CT ratio measurement range 5~25000A/5A(5000A/1A)
PT ratio measurement range 1~500kV
Load Range 5~1000VA
Resistance measurement range 0.1~300Ω
Error: ≤0.5%(0.2%*Reading+0.3%*Range)
Operating Temperature: -10℃~+40℃
Relative Humidity:   <90RH%
Altitude ≤1000m
Overall Dimension (Length × Width × Height): 400 *200 * 260(mm)
Weight: ≤22 Kg