in the EPT401 ?
General Information:
Karl-Fisher Coulomb titration is the most reliable method for the determination of trace moisture in different substances. EPT401 trace moisture analyzer successfully applied this method, using the most advanced automatic control circuit, 32-bit embedded microprocessor as the main control core, embedded in a mini operating system. This makes the instrument more reliable and easier to use. It has the characteristics of fast analysis speed, simple operation, high precision and strong automation. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, railway, pesticide, medicine, environmental protection and other departments.
  • ♦ Using 32-bit embedded microprocessor as the main control core and embedded mini operating system.
  • ♦ Constant pressure detection, high accuracy, fast measurement speed, stable and reliable.
  • ♦ Color touch screen, full numeric keyboard, simpler operation, convenient and fast data calculation.
  • ♦ Contains 4 calculation formulas.
  • ♦ Mini thermal printer with time recording, more convenient to find.
  • ♦ Automatically save history records with time tab, maximum to 255 records.
  • ♦ Calendar clock with temperature compensation, has accurate timing, automatically records the determined dates and time and can work for more than 10 years on power down mode.
Titration method: Electric titration (Coulomb analysis)
Display: color LCD touch screen
Electrolysis current control: 0 ~ 400mA automatic control
Measurement range: 0ug ~ 200mg
Sensitive valve: 0.1µg H2O
Accuracy: 10µg ~ 1000µg ± 3µg     
Above 1mg and not more than 0.3%
Printer: Micro Thermal Printer
Power source: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
Power: <40W
Working environment temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃
Operating environment humidity: ≤ 85%
Overall dimensions: 340 × 295 × 155mm
Weight: 5.5kg