in the EPMOA-III+ ?
General Information
Zinc oxide arrester tester is a special tester for detecting the electrical performance of zinc oxide arrester. It is suitable for the detection of electrification or power failure of zinc oxide arresters of various voltage levels, to find out the danger of internal insulation of the equipment and the aging of the valve defect.
The tester is easy to operate and can measure the full current, resistive current and its harmonics of the zinc oxide arrester, the power frequency reference voltage and its harmonics, active power and phase difference. The large screen can display the true waveform of voltage and current. The instrument uses a unique high-speed magnetic isolation digital sensor to directly collect the input voltage and current signals, ensuring the reliability and safety of the data.
This tester is used for the measurement and analysis of the full current of zinc oxide arrester (MOA). The main purpose is to measure the resistive current of MOA, thereby judging the degree of moisture and aging of MOA.
The tester can be used for both on-site live measurements and in the laboratory for factory and acceptance tests.
  • ◆ To measure the resistive current by direct test method and can indirectly by using harmonic mode.
  • ◆ Three-phase voltage and three-phase current are simultaneously collected and displayed at the same time. Achieve the true three identical measurements.
  • ◆ The reference voltage and voltage signals can use 3PT, 1PT, no PT, wireless, induction and other methods.
  • ◆ The tester is equipped with a rechargeable battery, calendar clock, micro printer, can store 1000 sets of measurement data.
  • ◆ In order to facilitate the analysis of the resistive current, it is possible to prohibit the phase compensation or the phase compensation.
  • ◆ To save printing paper, the waveforms can be set as non-printing.  
Main technical parameters 
Full current measurement range: 0~10mA RMS
Accuracy: ± (reading × 5% + 5uA)
Resistive current fundamental measurement accuracy (wired without interphase interference): ± (reading × 5% + 5uA)
Current harmonic measurement accuracy: ± (reading × 10% + 10uA)
Current channel input resistance: ≤ 2Ω
Reference voltage input range: 25V~250V
RMS Accuracy: ± (reading × 5% + 0.5V)
Voltage harmonic measurement accuracy: ± (reading × 10%)
Reference voltage channel input resistance: ≥ 1800kΩ
Battery continuous working time: 8 hours or more
Battery charging time: 2 hours or more
AC charging: AC 220V ±10%, 50Hz ±1%
Tester weight: 5kg (without cable box)
Tester size: 34cm × 22cm × 20cm