in the EPCL Series ?

General Information:
The EPCL Transmission Line Test System is a kind of high-precision testing equipment for testing all kinds of high-voltage transmission line parameters in the field or laboratory of power station, substation, etc. The instrument is an integrated structure with built-in variable frequency power module and variable frequency and adjustable voltage output power supply. The frequency can be changed to 45Hz or 55Hz. The digital filter technology is used to avoid the interference of power frequency electric field to the test, which fundamentally solves the problem of accurate measurement under the interference of strong electric field. At the same time, it is suitable for the situation that the generator is used for power supply detection after power failure.

  • ♦ Integrated structure, small volume and light weight.
The internal integration of the instrument provides a simple and convenient test method for the test.
  • ♦ The power supply is simple and convenient.
All the measuring processes of the instrument only need to be connected to the mains voltage of 220V, which can solve the problem of inconvenient connection of 380V in the existing measuring methods.
  • ♦ Strong anti-induction voltage ability.
The anti-induction voltage circuit is used inside the instrument to ensure that the instrument can withstand higher induction voltage (the anti-induction current can reach 80A), and can work normally under the high induction voltage of 30000 volts.
  • ♦ Direct measurement of induced voltage and current.
The anti-induction voltage circuit is used inside the instrument to ensure that the instrument can withstand higher induction voltage. Because of this, the instrument can directly measure the induction voltage and current, and can judge whether the instrument can measure the circuit.
  • ♦ Frequency conversion technology, precise measurement.
It has strong anti-interference ability. The internal frequency conversion power module of the instrument provides the instrument measurement output power. The frequency can be changed to 45Hz and 55Hz. Digital filtering technology is adopted to effectively avoid all kinds of power frequency interference signals on site, so that the instrument can achieve high-precision, accurate and reliable measurement.
  • ♦ High speed processor.
Accurate and fast, the instrument adopts professional fast digital signal processor as the processing core, under the premise of ensuring the accuracy of measurement data, it greatly improves the operation and processing ability.
  • ♦ Easy to operate.
The external wiring is simple, and the positive sequence impedance, zero sequence impedance, positive sequence capacitance and zero sequence capacitance can complete all the measurements only once connected to the down lead of the tested line at the test end; it solves the problems existing in the existing test methods, such as cumbersome test wiring switching, anti-interference, stability, precision, etc. It avoids the injury of the induced voltage to the experimenter when changing the wiring.
  • ♦ Massive data storage.
The instrument is equipped with a calendar chip and a large capacity memory, which can save the test results in time order, view the history at any time, and print out.
  • ♦ Scientific and advanced data management.
The instrument data can be exported through U disk, and can be viewed and managed on any PC, and can be made into work report.
  • ♦ Full touch large LCD display.
The instrument is equipped with fully touch LCD. The large display interface shows all the operation steps in English menu. Each step is very clear. The operator can use it without additional professional training. The whole process can be measured with a touch, which is a very ideal intelligent measuring equipment at present.

Power Supply: AC 220V ± 10%, unlimited frequency
Power Output: Maximum output voltage AC300V Voltage Precision 0.5%
Current Precision 0.5%
Max. output current: 8A
Output frequency: 45Hz, 55Hz
Measuring Range: capacitance: 0.1 ~ 50μF
Impedance: 0.1 ~ 400Ω
Impedance angle -180°~ +180°
Measurement Resolution Capacitance: 0.0001μF
Impedance: 0.0001Ω
Impedance angle: 0.0001 °
Measurement Accuracy Capacitance: ≥1µF, ±1% reading ±0.01µF  
<1µF, ±2% reading ±0.01µF
Resistance: ≥1Ω   ±1% reading ±0.01Ω
<1Ω  ±2% reading ±0.01Ω
Impedance angle: ±0.2° (voltage>1.0V)
  ±0.3° (voltage:0.2V~1.0V)
Anti-Interference Parameter Interference voltage: 10kV (30kV is at option)
Interference current: 30A (60A is at option)
Dimension: Integrated: 530mm(L)*410(W)*510mm(H)
Separated: 410(L)×330(W)×390(H)(one)
Weight: 65kg (Integrated type)
Anti-Interference Principle Frequency conversion method
Working Environment - 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ RH < 80%