in the EPHV-NT(Model B) ?

General Information

EPHV-NT Model B Residual Current Circuit BreakerTester is specially developed for the performance test of RCCB. It is the key instrument to detect the tripping current and breaktime of B type RCCB.

The functions of the tester can meet the test requirements for residual current circuit breakers in IEC61008-1:2012 MOD, IEC 61009-1: 2012, MOD standards.

Thetester is suitable for electronic and electromagnetic residual current circuit breakers.

Circuit breakers of 1P+N, 2P, 3P, 3P+N and 4P can be tested, and the maximum residual current output is 2A.

The function of the tester is operated by touch screen.

After the circuit breakeris operated, the tripping current and breaking time can be maintained, which isconvenient for reading and recording.

The system display and operation adopt the popular industrial touch screen, which is simple to operate.

Output Current Range and Accuracy

The output current of the tester is true RMS, and the uncertainty of the test is less than 1%.

(1) AC residual current range of frequency conversion mode: 0-2A

(2) 50 Hz AC residual current range: 0-2A

(3) Pulsating DC Residual Current

The pulsating DC residual current with an optional angle of 0°, current rangesis 0~800 mA.

The selection angle is 90°of DC residual current, current range is 0 ~ 400 mA.

The selection angle is 135 °DC residualcurrent, current range is 0 ~ 200 mA.

(4) Smoothing DC residual current, the range of residual current is 0-2A;

(5) The range of superimposed smooth DC is 5-100 mA.

(6) Time test: Within the range of 0-1000ms, the deviation of breaking time measured by leakage tester from the measured value is ±2ms.

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