in the EPRC-300A ?

General Information:

The EPRC Micro Ohmmeter is a high-precision, digital switch detection instrument which conforms to the IEC standards. The instrument uses high-power constant-current switching power supply technology to measure micro-ohmic contact resistance. It is widely usedfor measuring the contact resistance, loop resistance of various switches andelectrical appliances, and the contact resistance of cables, wires, and welds.


-It has multiple protection functions such as back-EMF impact, test line interruption, power failure, and overheating of the power supply. It can reliably protect the back-EMF impact on the instrument and sound the alarm synchronously.

-Intelligent power management technology, the instrument always works in the minimum power state, effectively saving energy and reducing heat.

-The output voltage is high and the measurement range is wide.

-The test current comes from a high-precision high-current constant-current power supply. No need manual adjustment is required, and the test is quick and accurate.

-The four-terminal wiring method effectively eliminates the influence of test line resistance on the test results.

-Seven-inch high-brightness touch color LCD, clear display under strong light, full touch screen operation.

-Perpetual calendar clock and power-off storage, which can store 1000 sets of test data, which can be consulted at any time.

-Bluetooth communication, RS232 communication and USB interface for computer communication and U disk data storage.

-Built-in micro printer.

Technical Specifications:

Test Current

100A, 200A, 300A

Measuring Range:

0 ~ 50mΩ (100A)

0 ~ 20mΩ (200A)

0 ~ 5 mΩ (300A)


Min. 0.1µΩ


±0.5%±2 digits



Working duration:


Working Supply:

AC220V±10% 50Hz

Working temperature:


Relative Humidity:

≤90% no condensation.




Tester: 7kg, Accessories carrycase: 13kg