in the EPT600 ?

General Information:
The automatic kinematic viscosity meter is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the national standard "GB / T265 Petroleum Product Kinematic Viscosity Method", which is suitable for measuring the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products (referring to Newtonian liquid) at a constant temperature. This instrument adopts key-press timing to automatically calculate the kinematic viscosity value and test average value, and print and store the measurement results. Widely used in petroleum, electric power, military, chemical, railway, scientific research and other industries.

Test method: at a constant temperature, measure the time when a certain volume of liquid flows through a calibrated glass capillary viscometer under gravity. The product of the capillary constant of the viscometer and the flow time is the kinematic viscosity of the liquid at that temperature. The dynamic viscosity can be obtained by multiplying the measured kinematic viscosity by the density of the liquid at the current temperature.

-Adopt advanced single-chip intelligent temperature control, the LCD screen displays temperature, time and parameters in time.
-Automatically calculate the kinematic viscosity value and test average, and automatically print and store the measurement results.
-10 liter constant temperature bathtub, outer plexiglass insulation cover, even temperature distribution in the bath, good temperature control effect.
-The keyboard sets the parameters such as the viscometer constant, the control temperature value, the fine-tuning temperature value, and the number of tests.
-The number of tests can be adjusted freely from 1 to 6 times, and two or more oil samples can be tested in parallel.

Technical Specifications:

Working power supply:

AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

Display mode:

LCD display

Temperature control range:

Any setting from room temperature to 100

Number of samples:

4 channels

Timing range:

0.1s 999.9s

Timing accuracy:

± 0.1S

Thermostatic bathtub:

250 × 250mm


Build-in micro printer

Temperature measuring element:

Imported precision PT100 platinum resistance