250kVA Three Phase Oil Immersed Induction Voltage Regulator Shipped

Public by:Jack Chang 2020-06-04 22:12

After three months of understanding, an Uzbekistan power company finally decided to place an order a set of 250kVA 0-650V three phase oil immersed voltage regulator from EP Hipot Electric.

After 10 working days of production, this set of regulator was delivered smoothly.

The customer contacted our business department for an inquiry in December last year. The manager of our oversea sales communicated with customer in the first time, and provided related information including quotation sheet, technical parameters, operation and maintenance to the customer.

After receiving the reply from our sales manager, the customer did not purchase immediately, but after fully understanding the brand, product quality and after-sales service level of EP Hipot Electric, he finally decided to EP Hipot cooperation. Thank you for your trust!

We will continue to work hard to continue optimizing services and improving quality, and strive to keep EP Hipot’s product performance, process level, and service quality at a leading level in the industry!