2 Sets of Six Phase Relay Protection Testers Delivered To South Africa

Public by:Jack Chang 2020-07-30 00:00

The 2 sets of Automatic 6 Phase Relay Protection Tester EPRP-605 ordered by South Africa client were delivered on 20th July.

Relay protection refers to the study of power system failures and abnormal operating conditions that endanger safe operation to explore counter-accident automation measures for countermeasures. Because relays with contacts were mainly used to protect the power system and its components (generators, transformers, transmission lines, busbars, etc.) from damage during its development, it is also called relay protection; power system relays The basic task of protection is to automatically remove the faulty equipment from the system in the shortest possible time and the smallest area when the power system fails or abnormal working conditions, or to give a signal to eliminate the source of abnormal working conditions by the staff on duty. In order to reduce or avoid the damage of the equipment and the impact on the power supply of adjacent areas.