in the EPDY-300kV/30kJ ?

I. Application
This Impulse Voltage Test System is suitable for testing products such as air gaps below 110kV, insulator strings, bushings, circuit breaker, power transformers, and transformers for standard lightning impulse voltage chopping wave, full wave, operating wave and other impulse voltage tests.

II. Operating Condition
-Altitude: ≤1000m
-Ambient Temperature: -15℃~+45℃
-Max. daily temperature difference: ≤25℃
-Relative humidity: ≤90%(20℃)
-No fire and explosion hazard
-Earthquake resistance: 8 intensity
-Does not contain corrosive metals and insulating gases
-The waveform of the power supply voltage is an actual sine wave, and the waveform distortion rate is <5%
-One reliable GND, ground resistance <0.5Ω!
-Usage environment: indoor, movable.

III. System Configuration

EPDY-300kV/30kJ Impulse Voltage Test System consists as below:
1. EPDY-300kV/30kJ impulse voltage generator body
2. EPZD-50kV DC charging device
3. Weak damping capacitor voltage divider 300kV/400PF
4. ATK computer control measurement system

IV. Main Parameters for System

Impulse body

Nominal voltage

±300 kV

Rated energy


Rated impulse capacitance


Rated charging voltage

50 kV

Numbers of stage


Each stage capacitance

2.0μF (each capacitor 4.0μF/50kV)

Each stage energy


Impulse voltage waveform parameters:

When the load capacitance is below 3003000PF

It can be produced: Standard lightning impulse voltage full wave 1.2±30%ms /50±20%ms


can produce full wave of lightning. The amplitude is ±3%, and the oscillation at the peak is not more than 3% of the amplitude.

Standard operating wave


Various impulse voltage waveform parameters and their deviation and linearity requirements are in line with the impulse voltage waveform parameters of relevant national standards.

Minimum output voltage:


Synchronization range:

the stage voltage is within 20%100% of the rated voltage range, the positive and negative polarity synchronization range is not less than 20%

Out-of-control rate of synchronous discharge:


Body inductance:


Ignition range:


Instability of charging voltage


Deviation between charging voltage and reference voltage


Voltage utilization factor:

When the load capacitance is less than 1000PF, the voltage utilization factor of the standard lightning wave is 90%, and the full wave voltage utilization factor of the standard operating impulse voltage is 85%; when the load capacitance is below 3000PF, the voltage utilization factor of the standard lightning wave 85%, the full-wave voltage utilization factor of the standard operating impulse voltage is 75%.

Working duration:

above 70% of the rated voltage, it can run continuously after charging and discharging every 120 seconds, and can run continuously below 70% of the rated voltage.

The EPDY series Impulse Voltage Testing System is fully designed depending on customer's requirements, more details please contact EPHipot Electric, we have professional tech team to select correctly designed products and systems.