in the EPDY-A20 ?

General Information:
EPDY-A 20kV Impulse Voltage Tester is mainly used for the insulation performance test of the product to evaluate the ability of the product to withstand voltage shocks. It is suitable for the insulation performance test of various electronic and electrical products (such as electric energy meters, household appliances, low-voltage electrical appliances and power motors). Compliant with standards: IEC60060-1, -2, IEC61010.

-Impulse voltage range 0.1~20KV

-Using high-speed electronic switch technology, smooth waveform and accurate output

-Using Android control system, equipped with 10-inch high-definition capacitive touch screen

-Built-in standard library, recall can be set according to standard level

-For each surge output, the output voltage and current waveforms are displayed on the screen in real time.

-It supports the judgment of the sample state after the surge voltage impact, and provides a buzzer alarm

-Mature and reliable technology, stable equipment performance and durability.

-After the surge voltage impact, support the failure judgment of the sample

-Integrated design, small size and portable.

-The voltage and current are displayed on the screen in real time, and the peak value of voltage and current is marked.

-Support USB report printing, templates can be edited.


Output voltage range


Step voltage

0.1~2kV free setting

Output voltage accuracy


Output voltage polarity

Positive, negative, alternating positive and negative, alternating negative and positive

Output waveform

Surge composite wave

Open circuit voltage wave

Leading edge: 1.2us±30% Pulse width: 50us±20%



Coupling method

Direct coupling

Pulse interval time

7~600S adjustable (according to pulse voltage range)

Number of pulses

1~9999 times

Trigger method

Automatic, manual, external trigger

operating system



1280×800LCD color LCD touch display, support 10-point touch

Other interfaces

HDMI, RS485, USB, etc.

Secondary development

Support signal trigger

Operation environment

Temperature: 10~40, humidity: 30%~70%

Power supply

AC: 100~250V@50Hz/60Hz





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