in the EPDY-B20 ?

General Information:
EPDY-B20 20kV Impulse Voltage Tester mainly used for the safety performance (dielectric performance) testing of low-voltage complete sets, low-voltage electrical appliances, high and low-voltage switches, solar energy, watt-hour meters, relays, leakage protectors and other products. The impact output can be controlled by the computer, and the test report can be printed out.

-Manual/automatic/program control mode; manual mode adjusts the impulse voltage manually by adjusting the knob, automatic mode impulse voltage value is automatically adjusted by the system, and program control mode uses computer to automatically control impulse voltage value.

-The automatic mode and program control mode have an automatic constant voltage system, which can control the impact output voltage more finely, and is not affected by the interval time.

-Program control function Provides 485 communication interface and program control protocol. A program control test system can be set up as needed, and the impulse voltage and various parameters (program control trigger) can be controlled through a computer or a program control network.

-Can realize batch combination test through computer program control software, such as 2KV 3 times, 4KV 3 times, 6KV 3 times, -2KV 3 times, -4KV 3 times, -6KV 3 times, etc. It can realize up to 50 sets of combination tests, and feedback the breakdown times to the computer, Breakdown voltage and other test results, the computer displays the feedback results graphically, making the judgment more intuitive.

-The computer can be used to print out the test report, and display the test data such as the peak value, number of times, and interval time.

-The test result automatic judgment function can automatically judge whether the test is qualified or not according to the magnitude and attenuation of the inrush current generated during the test.

-Provide an impulse voltage divider interface for oscilloscope to track the output voltage waveform and monitor the output voltage.

-LCD display, which also displays DC voltage, impulse voltage, interval time, and number of impulses.

-Touch buttons, microcomputer control, English panel and program menu for easy operation.

-The positive and negative polarity is designed by the dual system design of positive and high voltage source and negative high voltage source, the output is more stable, the voltage is higher, and the efficiency is higher.

-Full-scale calibration process, with better full-scale accuracy.

-Built-in standard calibration procedures for multiple parameters, and errors can be corrected at any time during verification.

-DC and impact dual output.


Output impulse peak voltage:


Manual mode:


Automatic mode and program control mode directly set the impulse voltage range:

4kV-20kV (can be calibrated)



Step voltage:


Impulse voltage waveform:

wave front time 1.2μs±30%

Half peak time after wave


Breakdown judgment: Leakage current:

30mA-1200mA can be set

Voltage attenuation:

0-99% can be set

Interval time:


Number of shocks:

1-9999 times/unlimited continuous shocks


Alternate positive/negative/positive and negative




about 12kg

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