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General Information:

EPFD Series Battery Discharge Tester is mainly used for the discharge test of the lead-acid battery of the backup power supply in the telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, and power DC industries. It is a product with three functions of fast battery capacity testing, online monitoring and capacity verification testing.

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Different voltage and current:






























Different functions:

Model A

Model B

Model C

ü Smart load

ü Smart load

ü Single cell monitoring (wired, wireless)

ü Smart load

ü Single cell monitoring (wired, wireless)

ü Quick capacity test

The above are standard products. Special voltage and current levels can be customized. Before place order, please specify: voltage, current, functional model and whether single cell monitoring is wired or wireless.

-It has the functions of internal resistance test and capacity evaluation for battery packs.

-It has the function of online monitoring of the performance of multiple indicators of the battery pack: when the battery pack is in the online discharge, equalizing, and floating state, the battery pack and each single cell can be monitored online in real time. The monitoring content includes: battery integration The group voltage, the voltage of each cell, the charging and discharging current of the battery, the monitoring time of the battery, the charging and discharging capacity of the battery, etc.

-It has the function of quickly and accurately identifying the pros and cons of batteries.

-It has the function of checking the discharge test of the battery pack according to a variety of discharge rates, and accurately knowing the true capacity of the battery.

-The online compensation discharge function realizes dynamic compensation during the entire discharge process to ensure the true constant current discharge of the battery pack.

-Use the equipment to monitor the voltage of each cell in real time during the online discharge process.

-Test the entire battery pack with voltages of 24V/48V/110V/220V/380V and cell voltages of 2V, 6V and 12V. The user can choose to set the cell voltage type. Single voltage monitoring module, wired and wireless optional.

-When doing the capacity discharge test, four discharge termination conditions can be set at the same time: ①The entire set of voltage termination conditions ②Single voltage termination conditions ③Discharge time termination conditions ④Discharge capacity termination conditions. The ongoing testing process can also be manually terminated as needed。

-7-inch color touch screen.

-Simple and convenient operation: all adopt modular interface, good man-machine dialogue function, simple operation, clear flow, each interface and operation steps have simple prompts, which fundamentally avoids wrong operation.

-The meter can directly perform bar graph and curve analysis and curve comparison functions on the main test results. The voltage curve can be continuously enlarged and reduced for easy observation. Data can be analyzed clearly without uploading to a PC.

-Discharge parameter template function, directly call preset parameters to discharge test. The intelligent judgment program can intelligently judge whether the monomer falls off. If the monomer falls off, the test will not be interrupted. Input terminal overvoltage protection, LCD prompt, buzzer alarm.

-Over current protection, LCD prompt, buzzer alarm. Battery voltage polarity reverse protection, LCD prompt, buzzer alarm.

-Complete communication function, with RS232 communication interface and SD card interface. The data is transferred to the computer for storage management, and long-term historical data storage and analysis can be carried out. Use SD card to transfer data, test and save at any time, light and portable, safe and reliable.

-The main body of the tester adopts the integrated design of the monitoring part and the power part, and the power part adopts new high-efficiency devices.

-New special low-heat and high-efficiency load materials and control technology are used to ensure high constant current accuracy.

-The instrument has a parallel function and can also be connected to an external load, so that the instrument can test various large-capacity batteries.

-PC software analysis function: provide data management, printing, analysis, report statistics, automatic generation of test reports and reports.

-The voltage curve can be continuously enlarged and reduced for easy observation. Quickly find historical records.

-With automatic test protection function: when the whole group or single battery is detected during the test process, the test will be automatically terminated to prevent over-discharge of the battery and completely avoid impact on the equipment. It can also be manually terminated as needed The testing process.

-After the test is completed, all calculation results are automatically displayed, and maintenance suggestions are provided according to the specific test data.

-Storage mode: internal storage or external storage can be selected. The minimum interval of internal storage is 1 minute. The minimum external storage is 5 seconds.