in the EPFH (2V/6V/12V) ?

General Information:

EPFH Battery Intelligent Regenerator (also called Battery Regenerator & Discharge Cycler) has 3 independent test methods: battery discharge, battery charge and battery rejuvenation. Focusing on the different situation of lag single battery, EPFH can do a discharge test to estimate the real capacity, intelligent charge the battery, and set multiple cycles included discharge and charge to activate the lag battery. It can upload the discharge and charge testing data to PC. In the software you can analyze the quality problem of the lag battery.

Main Functions:
-Single battery rejuvenation :
When the battery is in the online floating charge or offline state, the single battery can be activated. Before regeneration, set the number of regeneration cycles, single regeneration charging time, and protection voltage parameters. The regenerator will automatically activate the function and display the battery voltage, charge/discharge current, charge/discharge capacity, charge/discharge time and other data in real time. The regeneration process can be stopped when the preset regeneration cycle is completed or the operation is terminated manually.

-Cell check discharge:
The regenerator can discharge the single battery at a constant current, set the discharge current, discharge time, discharge capacity, termination voltage and other parameters. The instrument automatically executes the discharge function, and displays the discharge current, battery discharged capacity, battery voltage, and discharge in real time and other data. The discharge test can be stopped when the battery reaches the preset termination discharge condition or the operation is manually suspended.

-Cell charge:
When the battery is being charged or offline it can charge the battery automatically. Set power, time, ending voltage, etc. the instrument will begin charge automatically and display power, volume, voltage, time, etc. When battery achieves set aim it can stop discharge itself or by manual.

Main Features:

-Data storage: large capacity. Save 10 groups of regeneration data, 10 groups of check discharge data, and 10 groups of charge test data. Users can query, delete and export the data.
-With RS232 interface and USB interface. users can perform long-term historical data storage and analysis.
-When the instrument detects abnormal phenomenon of battery or working is abnormal, it automatically stops testing for protecting battery.
-The regeneration adopts integrated design with monitoring unit and power unit. The monitoring unit adopts high-speed A/D and D/A, and power unit adopts new-type parts.
-The software is in English, and it can automatically create voltage/current histogram, curve chart, and test report (including Excel table and WORD document).

Main technical data table:

Cell voltage


Cell voltage range




Cell voltage resolution



Voltage test precision


Charge/Discharge current




Current control precision


Current test precision


Battery volume range




Working voltage

AC 220±15%

Communication way

RS232 & USB

Cooling way

Air cooling

Working condition

Temperature040 Humidity20%80%RH

Maintain condition

-2070 Store it with package


Color LCD display





Carry way