in the EPS-TRT 10000A ?

General Information:
EPS-TRT 10000A Three Phase Automatic Temperature Rise Test System is mainly composed of AC power distribution unit, voltage regulating transformer, converter, power compensation component, drive control unit, data acquisition unit, man-machine interface, microcomputer control, temperature acquisition unit, configuration software, etc., It has the advantages of large output power, small size and light weight. Mainly used for high-voltage switchgear, low-voltage switchgear (JP cabinet), bus duct, current transformer temperature rise, isolating switch temperature rise, temperature rise experiment of power fittings, temperature rise experiment of copper clad steel, and temperature rise experiment of other new materials, Thermal relays, motor protectors, contactors, circuit breakers, air switches, switch cabinets, circuit breakers, protection screen verification, busbars, cables, etc.

According to the user’s functional requirements for the stepless adjustable AC high-current test equipment: do a temperature rise test at the output full load of three-phase AC 10000A, and run for more than 8 hours:

-Built-in high-configuration industrial computer, using programmable controller Siemens PLC as the central processor, real-time scanning of AC signals, realizing comprehensive monitoring and closed-loop control, and designing password setting management, only those who have obtained the corresponding operating authority can perform certain Functional operation.

-Using intelligent sensors that support fieldbus technology to realize the full digitization of data transmission. The display and operation unit uses a touch-type color LCD screen, a full English menu, a clear and intuitive interface, and simple operation convenience. The test does not require any external auxiliary equipment, fully automatic control, fool-like operation, fast, simple and convenient.

-The test method of this instrument has two methods: automatic test and manual test. Only need to set a simple test current and time. With automatic steady current system.

-Only need to set the target current without manual monitoring. To set the test, current and step length, eliminating the tedious labor of manual voltage adjustment, manual recording, and drawing curves, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency. After finishing, just read the data to the computer to check.

-There is an automatic alarm function that exceeds the limit value. It has reliable self-protection functions for overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage and short-circuit. The protection of the AC voltage regulator should adopt the dual protection of microcomputer automatic protection control and mechanical micro-motion limit switch to ensure the normal operation of the constant current power supply and improve the safety and reliability of the product.

-Humanized interface, friendly software interface, full English operation interface, the control software has data recording, and can store current and temperature waveforms, data management, reports, printing and other practical functions. Parameter settings are all completed in the software. Analyze the relationship between current and temperature more intuitively. Make all data and test analysis results clear at a glance. During the test, the target current is automatically tracked, the output current is automatically stabilized, and the three-phase current is automatically adjusted; after the test is completed, it automatically returns to the zero position.

-Automatically adjust the AC constant current source to meet GB 7251.1 ~ GB 7251.5 standard medium and low voltage complete switchgear (control cabinet containing multiple outputs such as GCK, MNS, etc.) temperature rise test, automatically adjust the AC constant current source should be able to in the temperature rise test Realize the parallel operation of multiple constant current power supplies (a copy of the proof materials that users use multiple constant current sources to operate in parallel, such as temperature rise test of GCK or MNS, etc.)

-Equipped with a three-phase automatic balance system to ensure three-phase balanced output. The output current sampling adopts 0.2S-class transformers and the latest current power electronic technology. It has strong anti-interference ability and high output accuracy, up to 0.5 level.

-Equipped with a precision adjustment menu, users can adjust the error value by themselves. The programmable AC constant current power supply can realize full intelligent calibration, and automatically generate multi-stage correction coefficients within the adjustable range of the device to ensure the constant current power supply accuracy.

-The test module can be customized according to user requirements.

-Built-in power compensation system.

Main technical data table:


EPS-TRT 10000A Three Phase Automatic Temperature Rise System

Max. output current

AC Three phase, each phase 10000A

Circuit way

Special process electric voltage regulator

AC input

Phase line

3Φ4W +G


380V±10%, 50Hz±2% three-phase four-wire

Input current



Phase line



Phase voltage 0-10V Line voltage 17.732V


l AC 0-10000A continuously adjustable, stepless speed regulation mode.

l There are two output modes: manual mode output and automatic mode output.

l It can output three at the same time, single-phase output, or split-phase output

Rated capacity


Steady current accuracy

Output current≤±0.5%

Output terminal

Connection terminals


The electronic circuit quickly detects over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature and other automatic trip protection and alarm devices, the voltage is zero in the non-test state, and the current is zero.


Source effect

0.3% of rated value

Time drift

1% rated value

Temperature drift

0.04% rated value/

Load effect

1% of rated value (only the rate of change of output voltage caused by the change of output current from zero to rated value)

Ripple voltage

1% rated value+10mV

Line adjustment rate


Load regulation


Display and settings

Voltmeter display

True color LCD and digital display instrument (display accuracy: 0.1V, display error: 0.2%±1 digit)

Ammeter display

Computer and digital meter both

Adjust settings

Current (computer setting)


Overall efficiency


Withstand voltage insulation resistance

AC 1800V for 1 minute, 20 megohms

Cooling device

Forced fan cooling


60dB (1mm in front of the machine)

Transformer accuracy

0.2S level

Protection level


Working conditions

Working mode

Long time continuous temperature rise testing




0-90% (non-condensing)


Below 1500m


Structure design