in the EPBZ series ?

General Information:
EPBZ series Transformer Test System is applied for ex-work and maintenance detecting on various transformers. It's widely used in the fields of power supply and distribution, power transformer manufacturer, transformer maintenance center, industry and mining enterprises.

  • ♦ Applied for different voltage degree transformers, reactors and HV switchgears.
  • ♦ Fully PLC controlling and measurement, integrated primary wire connection circuit displaying, measuring, control tracing, analysis processing, report storing, printing and protecting into the testing system.
  • ♦ All the test data calculation was operated by IPC, the test results and measuring data are displayed in screen directly which highly improved the precision and efficiency.
  • ♦ The test system could be customized to bench type, microcomputer type or any at user’s option to be suitable for your test site.
  • ♦ All test results are corrected according to the requirement of IEC60076 or ANSI C57.

Test Items:
Routine tests:
  • ♦ Transformer oil testing (including acidity, dewpoint, flashpoint, breakdown, capacitance &tan delta, dissolved gas analysis)
  • ♦ Transformer insulation resistance testing
  • ♦ Transformer winding resistance testing
  • ♦ Transformer turns ratio testing
  • ♦ Transformer load/no-load current & loss testing
  • ♦ Transformer capacitance & tan delta testing
  • ♦ Transformer short circuit impedance & load loss testing
  • ♦ Transformer power frequency withstand voltage testing
  • ♦ Transformer inductive withstand voltage testing (including 110kV transformer partial discharge testing)
  • ♦ Impulse voltage testing (including full wave, chopping wave testing)
Type tests:
  • ♦ Temperature rising testing
Special tests:

Function features:
  • ♦ 3 phase 4 wires power supply controlling.
  • ♦ Regulator supply controlling.
  • ♦ Regulator voltage controlling.
  • ♦ CT/PT shifting controlling.
  • ♦ Test voltage/current monitoring for each test item.
  • ♦ Function switching for each test item.
  • ♦ Inductive motor start, stop, voltage increase/decrease, auto timing.
  • ♦ Panel pushbuttons, PC mouse two control modes.
  • ♦ PLC software operating and save test results automatically.
Test console protection:
  • ♦ No load test over-current protection
  • ♦ Power frequency over-current protection.
  • ♦ Zero start interlock with auto return of regulator to zero position.
  • ♦ Separate ground fault safety circuit.
  • ♦ External interlock provision.
  • ♦ Emergency stop mushroom button.
  • ♦ 3 phase 4 wires main power supply.
  • ♦ Alarm sound & light during test.
Testing equipment including:


Transformer Test Bench


DC winding resistance tester


Inductive regulator


Transformer turns ratio tester


Motor Generator sets (DVDF)


Insulation resistance meter


Intermediate transformer (voltage boosting transformer if LV is over 400V)


Power frequency withstand voltage test set


Sampling cabinet (HV/LV CT/PT cabinet, primary circuits cabinet)


Temperature Tester


Power analyzer


Partial discharge system (PD free detector, coupling capacitor etc.)

Transformer Test Bench System is to be customized according the customer's requirements. More details on transformer test bench please contact, we have professional tech team to design correctly designed products and systems.