in the EPWS+ ?

General Information:
EPWS+ Automatic Dew Point (moisture concentration) Tester adopts microprocessor technology, with large-screen LCD display, self-check, self-correction and other functions. It can directly measure atmospheric dew point and absolute moisture (ppm). The instrument has anti-condensation, anti-dust particles, and is not affected by oil and gas, most chemical gases and flow. The instrument also performs precise compensation and correction on the dew point sensor, which makes the accuracy of dew point measurement better than similar products. It is suitable for continuous monitoring of the concentration of trace moisture in air, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon and other gases.

-Self-calibration: The sensor probe can automatically calibrate the zero point, automatically eliminate the system error introduced by the zero point and drift, and ensure the accuracy of each measurement.

-Easy to operate, large touch LCD screen, simple WYSIWYG operation.

-Quick gas saving: the dew point measurement time is about 3 minutes after the machine is turned on and enters the measurement state.

-Self-locking joint: The original imported self-locking joint is used, which is safe and reliable without air leakage.

-Data storage: It adopts large-capacity design and can store up to 1000 sets of test data.

-Clear display: The 5-inch large touch LCD screen directly displays the dew point, micro water (ppm), ambient temperature, ambient humidity and date, etc.

-The built-in USB interface can be connected to a PC, and all the internal data of the instrument can be uploaded to the computer through the supporting software, which is convenient for data analysis.

-Built-in super-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, which can work continuously for more than 10 hours on a single charge.

Technical Specifications:

Dew Point

Measuring Range: 80 ℃~+20

Measuring Precision: ±0.5℃(-80℃~+20

Measuring Duration(+20:

63% takes 5 seconds, 90% takes 45 seconds (-60℃~+20)

63% takes 10 seconds, 90% takes 240 seconds (+20℃~-60)

Intake pressure



0.01~1.00 L/min

Environmental Temperature


Environmental Humidity

0100 RH

Power Source

AC: 220V±10%50Hz

DC: Build-in rechargeable lithium battery

Battery Capacity

8 hours charging (with overcharging protection), 10 hours continuous working.