in the EPWT-20W ?

General Information:
EPWT-20W DC Winding Resistance Tester (Temperature Rise Test) is double channels applied for DC resistance large capacity transformer winding.
  • ♦ High current output (maximum 20A) and test range to be up to 2kΩ, which is applied for temperature rise test and DC resistance measurement of all transformers under 35KV voltage level.
  • ♦ Dual power design. HV side and LV side can be tested respectively or at same time.
  • ♦ Misconnection protection alarm, disconnection anti-arcing protection, discharge sound alarm, clear indication, reduce misoperation. Protection circuit, high reliability.
  • ♦ Color screen, display data clear and easy to read.
  • ♦ The temperature rise test will automatically print and store the temperature rise data at the set time interval, which is convenient for recording.
  • ♦ With permanent calendar, 100 groups data storage, and two temperature rise test results. Data will not lose even power failure.  The "U disk" can export to generate temperature rise curve to PC.
  • ♦ RS485 communication interface, which is combined with PC software to realize remote control measurement.
  • ♦ Equipped with temperature rise software, which can automatically process data and generate temperature rise curve.
Measuring Current  HV CH1 :5A, 1A, 0.1A, 0.01A      
 LV CH2 :20A, 10A, 5A, 2A         
Measuring Range (HV CH1---5A):0Ω~4Ω
(HV CH1---1A):20mΩ~20Ω
(HV CH1---0.1A):200mΩ~200Ω
(HV CH1---0.01A):2Ω~2000Ω
(LV CH2---20A):0Ω~0.1Ω
(LV CH2---10A): 2mΩ~0.4Ω
(LV CH2---5A):4mΩ~0.8Ω
(LV CH2---2A):10mΩ~2Ω
Measuring Accuracy (HV CH1):0.2%±1μΩ
(LV CH2):0.2%±0.2μΩ
Max. Resolution 0.1μΩ
Temperature Rise Record Intervals 10s, 30s, 60s 
Power Supply AC 220V,50Hz (can customized as 120V, 60Hz)
Working Condition Temperature :-20℃~40℃RH:≤80%