in the EPLY ?

General Information:

It is widely used in industrial control, electronic power, electroplating, communication, scientific research, instrumentation, industry, medical treatment, railway, water treatment and other high-tech fields.

-Motor category: electric vehicle motor, electric vehicle controller DC motor test, etc.

-Electrical appliances: LED testing and aging, energy-saving bulb testing and aging, lamp testing, tungsten filament gasification, etc.

-Automobiles: automotive electronics, high-power DC motors, automotive motor controllers, automotive lights, cigarette lighters, automotive audio and video.

-Electronic devices: capacitors, resistors, relays, transistors, sensors, etc.

-Displays: display screens, liquid display screens, touch screens, car DVDs, mobile phone displays, etc.

-Electrics: electrolysis, electroplating, anodizing, non-ferrous metal research, etc.

-Other areas of product testing and research and development that require DC power supply.

-Mean time between failures≥50000H

-Environmental conditions: dry, room temperature below 60℃

-Working temperature (-20~50)℃; storage temperature (-40~70)℃

-Relative humidity 90% (40±2℃ without condensation)

-Atmospheric pressure (70-106) KPA

-Cooling form: forced air convection

-Safety standards: GB4943, UL60950, EN60950

-EMS standards: GB9254, EN55022classA

-EN61000-3-2, EN61000-4-


-With high accuracy and stable performance.

-Excellent electronic characteristics and fast response speed.

-The power supply is small in size, light in weight and high in efficiency.

-The power control chip adopts imported IC, the power switch tube adopts imported fast IGBT, and the other components adopt imported industrial grade devices. The circuit design is optimized and the production process is strict and perfect to ensure the reliability and stability of the machine.

-It has the function of automatic switching between constant voltage and constant current working modes.

-Overvoltage protection circuit, overheat protection circuit. Short circuit protection function.
External control: The output of voltage and current is controlled by the analog signal input from the outside of the machine, such as the standard 0-5V/0-10V/4-20mA signal input from the outside.

-Constant voltage and constant current: The voltage and current values are automatically converted from (1) 15%-100% constant voltage and constant current.

-Overvoltage protection: 120% rated value of voltage protection value.

-Short-circuit protection: Allow long-term short-circuit or short-circuit startup in any working state.

-Intelligent: optional touch control and PLC connection to form a remote control intelligent stabilized current power supply.

-Strong adaptability: suitable for various loads, the performance is equally superior under resistive load, capacitive load and inductive load.

-Each power supply has enough power surplus space to ensure that the performance and life of the power supply are still well guaranteed when the power supply works at full power for a long time.

Main technical data table:

Input voltage

AC220V ±15% Frequency: 50HZ ±15%

Output voltage stabilization value

DC:0-110V continuously adjustable.

Output steady current value

20A (to be customized)



Power factor


Load adjustment rate


Voltage adjustment rate


Ripple voltage


Protection function

A: input overload short circuit protection

B: Output overvoltage protection

C: Output overcurrent protection

D: output short circuit protection

E: Output power protection

F: Overheating protection of the whole machine

The overheating protection

The whole machine is 80~850C, and the fan cooling opening temperature is 45

Insulation resistance


Input to the cabinet withstand voltage


Input to output withstand voltage


Output to the case withstand voltage


Mean time between failures