in the EPDJ (DC AC Motor) ?

General Information:

The EPDJ series motor test system is a special system equipment independently developed by our company, which can be widely used in the factory test system of various motors, and can also be extended to the motor type test system. Designed and manufactured using advanced computer-controlled measurement technology, it has the characteristics of greatly reduced installed capacity, advanced technology, reliable operation, strong functions, high precision, good repeatability, energy saving and consumption reduction, advanced, economical, and cost-effective.
The system adopts industrial computer control and integrates the measurement of resistance, insulation, withstand voltage, turn-to-turn, no-load and other items. It has the advantages of fast test speed, high accuracy, convenient use, and good reliability. It is a comprehensive test equipment dedicated to the motor factory.

Test Items:

-Measurement of winding resistance

-Measurement of voltage ratio

-Checking of phase displacement

-Measurement of short-circuit impedance and load loss

-Measurement of no-load loss and current

-Dielectric routine tests (please check below according to the Um (IEC 60076-3))

-Insulation test and functional verification of accessories

-Tests on on-load tap changers, where appropriate

-Auxiliary wiring insulation test

-Check of the ratio and polarity of built-in transformers

-Temperature-rise type test (IEC 60076-2)

-Measurement of no-load loss and current at 90% and 110% of rated voltage

-Low voltage motor AC applied withstand voltage testing

-Low voltage motor turn-to turn insulation testing

-Low voltage three phase voltage, current balance testing

-Bearing vibration testing.

-Cold Resistance

-Low Starting Current

-Locked-rotor Current

More details on DC AC Motor Testing System EPDJ series, please contact EP Hipot Electric:, we have professional team to select correctly designed test system for you.