in the EPCZ-108kVA-27kV/54kV/108kV ?

AC Resonance Test System EPCZ-108kVA-27kV/54kV/108kV

The system is consisted by below units
-Variable Frequency Power supply
-Exciting Transformer
-HV Reactor
-Capacitive Divider
-Accessories Carrycase (connection wires)

Application and requirement

1. The 35kV/300mm2 cable is 800m, the capacitance is ≤0.15μF, the test frequency is 30-300Hz, and the test voltage is 52kV.

2. 10kV/300mm2 cable 2000m, electric capacity ≤0.74μF, test frequency 30-300Hz, test voltage 22kV.

3. 35kV switchgear, circuit breaker, insulator and busbar AC withstand voltage test, the test frequency is 30-300Hz, and the test voltage does not exceed 100kV.

4. 10kV motor AC withstand voltage test, the test frequency is 45-65Hz, and the test voltage does not exceed 15kV.

5. AC withstand voltage test for transformers with 35kV less than 50000KVA, capacitance ≤0.02μF, test frequency 30-300Hz, and test voltage 85kV.

System technical data table

Rated output voltage

Rated output voltage: 27kV / 54kV / 108kV

Resonant voltage waveform

sine wave, waveform distortion rate ≤0.5%

Maximum tested product current

4A 2A 1A

Maximum test capacity


Output frequency


Working time

Continuous working time is 60min under full power output

Quality factor


Input working power

Single phase 220V±10%, 50Hz

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity

<90RH%, no condensation





System performance characteristics
1. Make full use of our EP Hipot Electric's advantages in electronic measurement technology and electromagnetic compatibility, completely independently develop, design and produce all components of this set of equipment including: variable frequency power supply, excitation transformer, cast high voltage reactor and high-precision capacitive voltage divider.

2. Equipped with manual/automatic mode, large screen display, test parameter setting, and automatic timing and operation prompt functions.

3. Possess multiple protection functions, such as: overvoltage, overcurrent protection, discharge protection, detuning protection, etc.

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