20kV Surge Impulse Tester Successfully Passed the Calibration Of IEC17025 Accredited Lab

Public by:Jing Jing 2022-02-28 14:29

Good news, 20kV 1.2/50 High Voltage Surge Impulse Tester EPDY-B20 purchased by United Kingdom customer successfully passed the calibration of the IEC17025 accredited lab and were quickly sent to the test site.

The EPDY-B20 automatic impulse voltage tester is used to test the impulse voltage of the safety performance of products such as charging piles, solar energy, low-voltage complete sets, low-voltage electrical appliances, watt-hour meters, motors, wires and cables, and leakage protectors. The test instrument is the certification test equipment for low-voltage complete sets and low-voltage electrical appliances companies. The equipment adopts high-speed single-chip design, manual, automatic, and program-controlled multi-mode, liquid crystal display, and touch button design. It has the advantages of convenient operation, stable and reliable performance, and high degree of automation. Compliant with IEC60060-1, -2, IEC61010, IEC61730, IEC 60335, IEC60052 and etc. standards.

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