in the EPWT-10T ?
General Information:
The DC Winding Resistance Tester is a required test item for the semi-finished product, finished product delivery test, installation, transfer test and preventive test of the power sector in transformer manufacturing. It can effectively find the manufacturing of transformer coil materials, welding, loose connection parts, missing stock, broken wires, defects and hidden dangers after operation.
EPWT-10T is three-channel DC resistance tester for YN connection windings. EPWT-10T realizes three-phase simultaneous power-on, independent current sampling and voltage sampling, and simultaneously measures and displays the three-phase resistance value and three-phase unbalance rate, which greatly shortens the test time of the DC resistance of the transformer and solves the power transformer.
  • ♦ The output current is large and automatic current selection is easy.
  • ♦ Three-channel measurement, real-time acquisition, simultaneous measurement of three resistance values, and calculation of three-phase resistance imbalance.
  • ♦ It can measure simultaneously in three phases or single channel in the traditional way. It also has the function of temperature conversion and is easy to use.
  • ♦ It has perfect protection circuit and strong reliability.
  • ♦ The display uses a 800 * 480 dot matrix 65K color high-brightness large screen (7 inches), and the display data is clear and easy to read.
  • ♦ Built-in calendar clock, 500 groups of data storage, reading, printing functions.
  • ♦ You can set the phase information and tap position of the resistor to print information.
  • ♦ Industrial plastic case, light weight, easy to carry.
  • ♦ With audible discharge alarm, clear discharge instructions, reduce misoperation.
Measuring Current Automatically select current (max. 20A)
Measuring Range 0 ~ 100Ω
Measuring Accuracy 0.2% ± 2
Min. Resolution 0.1μΩ
Power Supply 120V 60Hz
Working temperature: -20 ~ 40 ℃
Ambient humidity: ≤80% RH, no condensation
Oversize 400mm * 340mm * 195mm (L*W*H)
Net weight 8kg