in the EPCA ?

General Information:
OTLC On load tap changer is the only moving part connected with the transformer circuit, so the detection of on load tap changer has attracted more and more attention. In the Code for Handover and Preventive Test of Electric Equipment, it is required to check the action sequence of on load tap changer and measure the switching time. The EPCA OTLC Analyser is mainly used to measure the transition waveform, transition time, transient resistance value and three-phase synchronization of transformer on load tap changer.

-The analyser has large output current and light weight

-Test Yn, Y, D type transformers, and display the resistance value directly without conversion
-Measurement with or without winding

-The waveform display automatically adjusts the resistance and time value amplitude according to the sampling value

-It has perfect protection circuit and strong reliability

-Seven inch high brightness touch color LCD, clear display under strong light, full touch screen operation

-Built in large capacity lithium battery, no external power supply (optional)

-500 groups of data can be automatically saved internally

-The instrument can use Android phone or tablet, follow WeChat official account, download special APP, control the instrument through special software, store and upload test data for easy reference

Technical Specifications:

Output current

1.0A, 0.5A, 0.2A

Measuring range

Transition resistance:

0.3 Ω~20 Ω (1.0A)

5 Ω~40 Ω (0.5A)


Transition time: 0 320ms

Open circuit voltage


Measuring accuracy

Transition resistance: ± (5% reading ± 0.1 Ω)

Transition time: ± (0.1% reading ± 0.2ms)

Sampling rate


Overall dimensions

Analyzer: 360 * 290 * 170 (mm)

Accessories box: 360 * 290 * 170 (mm)

Instrument weight

Analyzer: 6KG

Accessories box 4.5KG

Test lead length

The standard length of the test line is 13 meters, which can be customized

Ambient temperature

- 10 ℃~ 50

Ambient humidity

85% RH

Working power supply

AC220V ± 10%

Power frequency

50 ± 1Hz