in the EP3J series ?

General Information:
Contact type electric voltage regulator(variac) is by changing the position of the contact position of the brush and the polished surface of the ring-shaped winding to change the turns ratio of the primary and secondary windings, the regulator that finally achieves the main purpose is called a ring regulator. Ring contact type electric voltage regulator is a large contact type electric voltage regulator, which is a replacement product of inductive voltage regulator. Appearance, weight, volume, efficiency, waveform, operation, installation and maintenance are better than the same power induction voltage regulator. Suitable for industrial and mining power, hospitals, national defense, scientific research and other departments as a continuously adjustable test power supply.

Working Conditions:
-The altitude does not exceed 1000m.

-Indoor use.

-Maximum ambient temperature +45℃
Maximum daily average temperature +30℃
Maximum annual average temperature +20℃
Minimum temperature -15℃

-There should be no gas, steam, dust, dirt, chemical deposits and other explosive and aggressive media that seriously affect the insulation of the voltage regulator.

-There should be no serious vibration and bumps in the installation site.

-The waveform of the power supply voltage is similar to a sine wave.

-The three-phase power supply voltage is approximately symmetrical.

-Electric control.

Technical Specifications:


Three phase contact type electric variac


EP3J-120kVA (To be customized)

Input line voltage

Three phase AC 415V

Input current

166 A

Output line voltage

Three phase AC 0-650V

Output current





700(L)*800(W)*1800(H) mm


About 420kg

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