in the EPDY-400kV/30kJ ?


This lightning impulse test system is used for carrying out standard lightning impulse voltage full wave and chopping wave test on 36kV and below power transformer, HV apparatus such as high voltage switchgear, power capacitors, clearance, bushings, and CT/PT.

The number of standard lightning impulse voltage waveforms: 3 (standard lightning full wave, lightning chopping wave and flaw detection current wave).
1. Standard lightning impulse voltage full wave 1.2±30%/50±20%μs, efficiency is more than 85%.
2. Standard lightning impulse chopping voltage waveform, efficiency: not less than 85%,
The chop off device can produce lightning chop-off waves with a chop-off time of 2 to 6 μs.
3. The full-wave waveform of the defect current for the lightning impulse voltage test of the transformer reactor.

The full system is consisted by following:
-400kV/30kJ lightning impulse voltage generator body 1 Set
-400kV/500pF low damping load type lightning impulse capacitor divider 1.0% 1 Set
-Impulse voltage test computer automatic control system 1 Set
-Automatic digital impact measurement and analysis system 1 Set
-Modulating resistor and accessories, discharge ground rod 1 Set
-400kV double ball intercepting gap device 1 Set
-100kV/20mA automatic rectification charging power supply device 1 Set
-Indication current shunt 5kA, 1.0% 1 Set

Operating Condition:

-Altitude: £1500m
-Ambient Temperature: -15℃~+50℃
-Max. daily temperature difference: ≤25℃
-Relative humidity: ≤90%
-Earthquake intensity: ≤7degree
-One reliable GND, ground resistance <0.5Ω!
-Usage environment: indoor, movable.

Main Parameters for System:

-Nominal impulse voltage: ±400kV

-Rated energy: 30kJ

-Stage capacitance: 1.5µF, ±100kV Dry type fully insulation.

-Stage voltage: ±100kV

-Numbers of stage: 4 (each stage 7.5kJ)

-Output standard waveform:
1.2μs/50 μs standard lightning impulse voltage full wave
2-6 μs standard lightning impulse voltage chopping wave
Special standard indication current wave for transformer

-Synchronous range: > 20%

-Continuous time: Less than 80% of rated voltage, continuous working
More than 80% of rated voltage, discontinuous working

-Synchronous error: <1%

-Movable with castors. Base: 2.5m × 1.3m, casters, movable. Height: about 2.0 meters. Weight: about 800kg

More details on EPDY series Lighting Impulse Voltage Testing System please contact Wuhan EP Hipot Electric