in the EPCZ ?
EPCZ Series AC Resonance Test System is specially designed for AC withstand test for electric equipment of substation at 10kV-500kV or below.
  • ◆ Transformer
  • ◆ Cables
  • ◆ GIS System
  • ◆ Insulator
  • ◆ CT/PT
  • ◆ Other electric devices
  • ◆ Small size, portable for operating.
  • ◆ Screen to show the test data, status and display operation step by real-time.
  • ◆ Small temperature rising at rated load. Dry-type epoxy cast, high mechanical strength and good insulation ability.
  • ◆ 220V or 380V single phase power source is suitable for on-site sourcing.
  • ◆ Different type reactors for optional realize the multipurpose.
  • ◆ With over current, over voltage, IPM and discharge protection function.
  • ◆ Test result can be printed.
Rated output voltage: 0-500kV or below
Output frequency: 20 -300Hz.
Resonant voltage waveform: sine wave, waveform Distortion rate ≤ 1%.
Full load working time: continuous working time 60mins.
Quality factor: max. load ≥ 20.
Frequency adjustment: fineness 0.1Hz, instability ≤ 0.01%.
Power supply: 220V or 380V single-phase.
Common Configuration:
Model Test Object Main Configurations:
AC power
Exciting Transformer Reactor Capacitive Voltage Divider:
Test Frequency: 20~300Hz
31500kVA/35kV Power
10KW 1 unit 10KW 1 unit 27kV/1A
4 Units
Frequency: 20-300Hz
35kV circuit breaker, busbar, insulator
10kV(300mm2) cable 2000m
35kV(300mm2) cable 500m
Test Frequency: 20~300Hz
110kV Circuit breaker and busbar 15kW 1 unit 15kW 1 unit 54kV/1A
4 Units
Frequency: 20-300Hz
110kV GIS ≤ 10 intervals
35kV (300mm2) cable 1500m
10kV (300mm2) cable 3000m
110kV Full Insulated Transformer
Test Frequency: 20~300Hz
110kV Circuit Breaker and busbar 30kW 1 Unit 30kW 1 Unit 65kV/2A
4 Units
Frequency: 20-300Hz
110kV GIS ≤ 10 intervals
110kV (300mm2) cable 800m
35kV (300mm2) cable 3000m
10kV(300mm2) cable 200m
110kV Full Insulated Transformer
Test Frequency: 20~300Hz
110kV Insulator, switchgear, GIS and etc. 20kW 1 unit 20kW 1 unit 45kV/1A
Six Units
Frequency: 20-300Hz
50MW/110kV Full Insulated
110kV (300mm2) cable 200m
35kV Power Transformer,
switchgear, CT/PT, cable, etc.
20MW hydrogenator
10kV power transformer,
switchgear, CT/PT, cables etc.
Test Frequency: 20~300Hz
10kV (300mm2) cable 2000m 5kW 1 Unit 5kW 1 unit 27kV/1A 
2 units or
3 units
Frequency: 20-300Hz
35kV (300mm2) cable 500m
10kV power transformer,
switchgear, CT/PT etc.

  • ◆ Model EPCZ-27/54/108-108, EPCZ is the model of series, 27/54/108 is: voltage of one reactor (kV)/voltage of two reactors in series connection/voltage of four reactors in series connection. 108 is the total capacity (kVA).
  • ◆ The test object is the common configuration for reference only. For details, please contact with us.
  • ◆ If the capacity of your equipment is small and voltage is too low, can add more reactors to increase the capacity, and add more divider to increase the test voltage.