in the EPFZ-III ?

General information:
EPFZ-III is three-in-one SF6 gas analyzer applied to measure moisture (dew point), purity and decomposition products of SF6 gas, which can detect three items by one testing, to save 2/3 of gas usage.
The analyzer can also combine moisture (dew point), purity and decomposition products, or measure any of them.
The analyzer adopts color LCD English display, imitating Windows operation interface, real-time display of various parameters, fully intelligent operation, massive information storage, built-in charging battery, AC and DC dual-purpose.

  • ♦ The decomposition product and purity can be measured in one. One-time measurement, can complete several indicators testing.
  • ♦ High precision sensor, automatic zero-point calibration for dew point measurement, anti-oil pollution and anti-drift.
  • ♦ Electronic flow display and electric quantity display.
  • ♦ Support the file system, store and print the measurement data.
  • ♦ Self-diagnosis function of the instrument, intelligent electric quantity display.
  • ♦ Support data communication.
  • ♦ Long term stability, reliability and high repeatability.
  • ♦ Wide measuring range, high precision and quick response.
  • ♦ Small size, intelligent and complete functions.
  • ♦ Fast data storage and query function.
  • ♦ AC / DC dual-purpose, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, can work for several hours continuously.
  • ♦ The probe will not be affected in condensation, special pollution, oil and gas and most chemical environments.
  • ♦ Protect the gas chamber with patented technology to speed up the measurement.
SF6 Dew Point
Measuring Range -80℃~+20℃ Precision ±0.5℃
Resolution Dew Point 0.1℃ or 0.1ppm Repeatability ±0.4℃
Response Time 63%[90%]  +20~-20℃ Td 5s[45s]
-20~-60℃ Td 10s[240s]
SF6 Purity
Measuring Range 0~100% Precision ±0.3%
SF6 Decomposition
Measuring Range SO2:1~100ppm
HF: 0~10ppm(option)
CO: 0-1000ppm(option)
Sensitivity 0.1ppm
Response Time 90%, 15s
Sampling Built in regulator, filter and electronic flowmeter
Working power Supply AC / DC dual-purpose, built-in large capacity rechargeable battery, can work for several hours continuously after full charge
Communication Interface USB
Weight 5kg

Humidity sensor Polymer film type, measuring range: - 80 ℃ ~ + 20 ℃
Purity sensor The constant temperature micro thermal conductivity cell sensor with temperature compensation function
Decomposition products sensor Alpha high sensitivity decomposition products sensor
Flow sensor Honeywell electronic mass flowmeter, easy to use
Temperature sensor Digital temperature sensor
Others Accessories
Lithium battery Capacity 4000mah, overcharge protection
Flow regulating valve Needle regulating valve
The pressure stabilizing valve Measures the pressure stably to prevent the sensor from being damaged by the sudden change of pressure
Air inlet port French self-sealing quick plug valve
Intake pipe 3 meters Teflon pipe
Outlet pipe 3 meters PU pipe
Power cord One
Adapter One set