in the EP6410S ?

General Information:

EP6410S clamp-type leakage currentsensor, also known as clamp-type current transformer, is suitable for ACcurrent, leakage current, higher harmonic current, phase, energy, power, powerfactor and other detection. Portable clamp design, no need to disconnect the tested line, non-contact measurement, safe and fast, can be connected tomultimeter, energy meter, phase detection analyzer, industrial control device,data recorder, oscilloscope, harmonic analyzer, power quality analysis Instrument, high-precision digital multimeter, etc. Widely used in electricpower, communication, meteorology, railway, oil field, construction, measurement, scientific research and teaching units, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields.

EP6410S clamp-type leakage current sensor uses special alloy for the iron core of the clamp head and adopts the latest magnetic shielding technology. The influence of the external magnetic field is minimal. Its core cross-sectional size reaches 15mmx8mm. High precision, high stability and high reliability of measurement.



Detection of AC current, leakage current, higher harmonic current, phase, energy, power, power factor, etc.

Detection method

Clamp CT

Clamp size



0 ~ 1000A AC


0.01mA AC


1000A / 1A


1mA / 1A


0.5 class (50Hz / 60Hz, 23 ± 2 , below 70% RH, the wire is in the center of the jaw)

Phase shift

1 ° (50Hz / 60Hz, 23 ± 2 )

Core section size


Reference load RL

0 ~ 100mA3kΩ

0 ~ 10A30Ω

0 ~ 1000A0.3Ω

Input indicator

The arrow indicates the current input direction

Output method

Current sensing output

Output interface

Red and black banana plug, standard 4mm multimeter pen plug

Output wire length

φ5mm, length 1.6m

Wire position

The wire under test is in the center of the jaw

Current frequency

45Hz ~ 60Hz (the measured current frequency)

Core frequency

10Hz ~100kHz

Line voltage

AC 600V below line test


length, width and thickness: about 220mm × 106mm × 46mm



Working temperature and humidity

-20 ~ 50 , below 80% rh

Storage temperature and humidity

-10 ~ 60 , below 70% rh

Insulation strength

AC 2000V / rms (between iron core and the shell)

Suitable for safety regulations

IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, pollution 2. CAT (600V)