in the EP801S ?
General Information:
Handheld DC Winding Resistance Meter is an innovative product with compact size, hand-held operation, more portable and easy to carry.
The product is not only suitable for the measurement of transformer, transformer, reactor and other inductive test products, but also suitable for the measurement of copper bars, conductors, switch contacts and other resistive test products. The instrument has fast testing speed and high accuracy.

  • ♦ Adaptive lithium batteries or 220V AC supply. After a single charge, the dc resistance of hundreds of transformers can be tested continuously. The test process is simple and convenient.
  • ♦ The output current is six grades, the maximum output current is 10A, the maximum output voltage is 25V, and the current can be automatically selected, which is convenient and fast.
  • ♦ Wide range and high accuracy,500uΩ~50kΩ.
  • ♦ It has the function of resistance temperature conversion, and can be equipped with wireless temperature measurement module, which can measure the field test temperature in real time to ensure the accuracy of resistance commutation value.
  • ♦ Full protection functions, such as back EMF protection, broken line protection, power-off protection and overheating alarm.
  • ♦ 5.6-inch super industrial high-brightness color LCD screen, still visible under strong sunlight.
  • ♦ Can be equipped with external printer, facilitate data printing.
  • ♦ It can be stored locally and on USB memory.

DC resistance test
DC Test Current Measuring range Current Measuring range
10A 500µΩ ~ 200mΩ 100mA 10Ω ~ 200Ω
5A 10mΩ ~ 1Ω 10mA 50Ω ~ 2kΩ
1A 100mΩ ~ 20Ω 1mA 500Ω ~ 50kΩ
Technical index
Accuracy ±(Reading X 0.2%+2 words) Maximum resolution 0.1µΩ
Conditions of use and appearance
Working power supply Built in lithium battery or external charger, charger input 100 ~ 240VAC, 50HZ/60HZ
Charging voltage 16.8V Charging current ≤3A
Charging time About 4 hr Use time More than 8 hr
Weight 1.6 kg (Test line is not included) Dimension 246mm(L)X 156mm(W) X 62mm(H)
Use of temperature -10ºC~50ºC relative humidity ≤90%,No dew