in the EPWT-10A ?

General Information:
Transformer DC resistance is a necessary test item for factory test, installation, overhaul, change of tap changer, handover test and preventive test of power department. It can check the welding quality of the winding joint and whether there is turn to turn short circuit in the winding. It can check whether the contact of each position of the voltage tap changer is good, whether the actual position of the tap changer is consistent with the indicated position, whether the outgoing line is broken, whether there is broken strand in the parallel winding of multi strand wires, etc.

EPWT series Transformer Ohmmeter, also called DC Winding Resistance Tester is applied to detect the welding quality of winding contactors are in good condition or not, and if there is turn-to-turn short circuit in winding. It also can detect the connecting and its’ indicators of voltage on load tap changer are in good condition or not. EPWT is designed specifically to measure DC resistance values of transformer windings and any DC resistance of an inductive device.

-The maximum output voltage of the instrument is 24V, which is convenient for selecting a larger test current at high resistance and increasing the test speed.
-Selectable current positions, large measurement range, suitable for the DC resistance values measuring of small and medium-sized transformers and VTs.
-Full protection functions to ensure safety and availability. Back-EMF impact, test line interruption, power failure, and overheating of the power supply. It can reliably protect the back-EMF impact on the instrument and sound the alarm synchronously.
-With any temperature conversion function of copper and aluminum material, touch screen to enter any winding temperature and conversion temperature.
-Fast response, the on load top changer could be converted during the measuring, the tester to fresh the data automatically.
-Intelligent power management technology, small consumption, less heating.
True color LCD touch screen.
-1000 groups’ data storage no lost even power failure.
-Bluetooth, RS232, and USB interface, easy communicate with PC and U disk.
-Built-in micro-printer, can print the test results.

Technical Specifications:

Test Current

AUTO, <20mA, 40mA, 200mA, 1A, 5A, 10A

Measuring range & precision

0.5mΩ~0.8Ω (10A

1mΩ-4Ω (5 A

5mΩ-20Ω (1 A

100mΩ-100Ω (200mA)

1Ω-500Ω (40mA


100Ω-100KΩ (<20mA)





7inch Touch color LCD screen

Data storage

1000 groups

Power source

AC 220V±10V50Hz±1 Hz



Max consumption


Working condition


Relative humidity: 90% RH, no condensation


L360mm X W290mmX H170mm


Tester 6kg

Test leads carrycase 5kg