in the EPCP-20 ?

1. Test system function: Error test (Ratio error and Phase error) of the CT&PT

2.Test range:

Measure Item

Test Range

CT accuracy test

Rated primary current range:


Rated secondary current:

5A and 1A

Operation range:


PT accuracy test

Rated primary voltage (kV):

6.6(6.6/√3), 11(11/√3), 22(22/√3) , 33(33/√3)kV

Rated secondary voltage:

110V, 110/√3V, 110/3V

Operation range:


3. Accuracy class of the measure equipment:

Product Description

Product Model

Accuracy Class

Standard CT (with Current Source)



Standard PT (with Voltage Source)



CT Burden



PT Burden



Transformer Tester (Calibrator)



Technical data of the EPCP-20 CT/PT Testing Bench:

Input Voltage:

AC 220V±10%, 50Hz, Single-Phase

Input Current:

AC 0-80A

Rated Capacity:


Output Voltage:

AC 0-250V

Output Current:

AC 0-80A

Output Voltage Adjustment:

Provided the Coarse adjustment & Fine adjustment

Voltage Adjustment Model:

Manual Adjustment

CT Demagnetization Function:

Provided the open-circuit & closed-circuit demagnetization

Protection function:

Provided overcurrent & overvoltage protection

Output conversion functions:

Connect to Current source / Voltage source conversion functions

The Bench can be installed:

EPS-1Cx Transformer Tester, FY47-49 CT Burden, FY95 PT Burden.

The Bench Structure:

Horizontal structure

Power Indicator:

LED, Output current, Output voltage

Color of the Bench

7035 Gray

The CT/PT Testing Bench is fully customized accrding to the technical requirements, please contact for more details.