in the EPSD-1000A ?

General Information:
EPSD-1000A Primary Current Injection Tester adopts numerical control technology and has strong anti-interference ability. It adopts an electronic voltage regulator and a converter made of a high-permeability iron core. It has the advantages of large output power, small size and light weight. It is mainly used for primary bus protection and various current transformer transformation ratio test items. It is widely used in the scientific research, production and electrical test sites of electric power, railway, petrochemical, metallurgy and mining enterprises.


- Directly display the test values of primary current and secondary current, which is convenient for test observation and recording.
- High measurement accuracy 0.5 level
- Large power, small size, strong load capacity
- Small size, light weight, very convenient to carry.
- Voltage and current six-and-a-half digit liquid crystal display, higher display accuracy, more accurate experimental results
128*64 dot matrix LCD display, the display data is more intuitive and the reading is faster
- The instrument display lock function, especially for the more accurate and faster readings of the transformer ratio experiment
- Polarity measurement, automatic measurement of transformer polarity, no separate experiment
- Added self-locking function
- Automatic detection function of transformation ratio.

Technical Specifications:

Input voltage:

AC220V ±10%

Work rate:


Output current:


AC01000A steplessly adjustable, panel with digital display ammeter

Output voltage:


Output waveform:

The output current is a standard sine wave, with tiny glitches, which is better than the power system requirements and standards, and the ripple coefficient is less than 0.3%. Standard sine wave.

Measurement accuracy:

(using 0.2S grade materials) is actually about 0.3; each current can be smoothly and continuously adjustable, and the accuracy is higher than 0.5. The current and voltmeter display is a true effective value, with high accuracy and high stability.

Output current mode:

The true effective value is continuously adjustable.

Current stability:



Compact one

Wiring mode:

as required

Current adjustment:

10-turns potentiometer adjustment.

Protection settings:

Overcurrent, overvoltage.