in the EPPD ?

The system is consisted by below units:
1. PD Free Testing Control Console
2. Gas Type PD Free Testing Transformer
3. Isolation Transformer
4. Coupling Capacitor
5. Protective Resistor
6. PD Free Analyzer (Including PD Free Calibrator & Impedance Units)

1. PD Free Testing Control Table
-Manual controlling.
-High anti interference ability.
-Real time monitoring High voltage (HV) voltage, Low voltage (LV) current, timing.
-Full protection functions: over-current, zero-starting, sound light alarm, power switch protection, emergency stop button.
-New type over-current relay, more accurate and reliable, to ensure the safety of the people and device.
-Display: Digital.
-The control unit: Table type
-Both control unit and HV unit are mounted with wheels, easy to move.

2. Gas Type PD Free Testing Transformer
-SF6 gas with high insulation strength is used as insulation medium.
-Small size, light weight, high technology level, beautiful appearance, convenient transportation.
-Due to the arc extinguishing performance of SF6 gas and its special process structure, its local discharge is small and ≤ 5pc under rated voltage.
-The test process is simple and intuitive, and the operation is convenient.
-It can effectively eliminate the clutter interference in the power supply.
-It adopts automatic control technology, with high degree of automation and strong anti-interference ability.
-Adopt fast electronic protection device, high reliability.

3. Partial Discharge Analyzer
The EPJF digital partial discharge detector (hereinafter referred to as PD) is a new generation of high-performance digital PD measurement and analysis instrument, which is implemented by new technology. It is an alternative product of the traditional analog PD instrument. Anti interference technology of its various original so that you can accurately measure under the condition of strong interference; friendly user interface and high-speed sampling and refresh rate, with analog PD instrument visual effects; analysis, waveform records provided means to make you very easy to judge the nature of discharge; automatic recording and processing of test data that will soon be able to generate and test report; double channel embedded system, TFT touch screen, the system is stable and reliable, low failure rate. The system uses computer technology, analog electronic technology, high-speed signal acquisition technology, advanced digital signal processing and graphic display technology to complete partial discharge automatic measurement and analysis.

The discharge detector uses WINDOWS series operating platform, can choose the ellipse, straight line, sine wave display, 2D and 3D graphics analysis and spectral window and Q-V-F window on the static three-dimensional characteristics, a frequency voltage test and partial discharge pulses with measurement, observation and analysis. It can be operated by digital window, at any phase, single window and double window are chosen, ellipse is rotated at 360 degrees in order to avoid the influence of interference on measurement. Multichannel measurement and digital differential technology can flexibly make up the pulse polarity identification or balance measurement circuit, and effectively suppress the interference pulse signal. The advanced spectrum analysis can effectively reduce the background interference. A multichannel input channel, which can be boosted by six sets of signals (extensible), can easily be used to analyze the source of the signal. In the operation platform of the whole English character, the frequency band selection, the gain transformation, the spectrum analysis and the two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphic display can be conveniently carried out. In addition, the system can also print or save single graphics to save continuous time graphic data for analysis.

The Partial Discharge Free Testing System is fully customized accrding to the technical requirements, please contact for more details.