15 Sets HV Electrostatic Generator Testing Transformers Delivered 5kVA/50kV 10kVA/100kV

Public by:Jack Chang 2020-05-13 21:17

Recently, there have been many orders of high voltage testing transformer, which are used as electrostatic generator for face mask melt-brown non-woven fabric production workshop. These 15 electrostatic generators 5kVA/50kV AC 10kVA/100kVAC 100mA are additional orders of overseas customer, and we try the best to ship the equipment to customers as soon as possible.

Although this public health incident is force majeure, EP Hipot Electric apologizes for the temporary impact of the unexpected epidemic on our customers and the progress of the project. We are very grateful to our customers and friends for their understanding during this special period. Let us move forward together for the better!

Finally, we would like to pay high tribute to the medical personnel and all the staff who are fighting on the front line of the epidemic, and express our sincere gratitude to all the personnel who have given Wuhan supports.