in the EPCR-4000 ?

General Information:
EPCR-4000 Power Quality Analyzer is a specially designed for field test of three phases, multi-functional and intelligent, concise man-machine opera-tion. It is easy to use, large LCD screen display, high resolution, interface in English, shock-proof shell structure and so on. Can simultaneously measure the 4-channel current (ABC three phase and neutral wire current), 4-channel voltage (ABC three-phase voltage and neutral line voltage to ground), the peak value of current volt-age, maximum/minimum value over a period, three-phase imbalance factor, short-time voltage flicker, trans-former K factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and displacement power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, total harmonic distortion and harmonic, etc. Display real-time waveform, harmonic ratio bar charts of current voltage; Dynamically capture instantaneous change of voltage current, monitoring starting current, monitoring the power parameters and generate the alarm list, generate the trend chart for a long time record test data.
In the current power applications, more and more large power equipment, power grid fault have become more and more complex, with development of the industry, it put forward high request more and more to quality that electric energy. We provide this power quality analyzer for that, which you can troubleshoot of complex power system more quickly and accurate, and monitoring and maintenance of power quality parameters more com-prehensive and systemic.

EPCR-4000 Power quality analyzer adopt DSP + ARM double processor architecture, DSP is use for data collection and the processing of algorithm, the ARM is use for the communication protocol and the man-machine interface processing; Analog signal acquisition is by 2 pieces ADC Chip of ADI company. Resolution for ADC Chip is 16 bit and it is 4 channel synchronous sampling. The highest sampling rate can reach 1 MSPS, to ensure the accuracy of the channel and the information integrity, and wouldn’t miss any transient changes in the grid, can more ac-curate to detect the transient waveform rising and dropping drastically, and waveform instantaneous interrupt; DSP working frequency is over 200 MHZ, to be able to timely monitoring of the power grid and dynamically ad-just the sampling frequency to realize synchronization of power frequency and sampling frequency; Using a 5.6 -inch LCD color screen display, a resolution of 640 dots x 480 dots, with different display color difference be-tween the parameters of phase, waveform, vector diagram, harmonic ratio, the user can be more efficient and more intuitive understand the state of power grid parameters. Built-in flash memory can store 60 group of screenshots at the same time, 150 groups of capture transient voltage/current waveform figure, and 12800 groups of alarm list. Starting current detection model can continuously capture starting current waveform for 100 s. Built-in 2G memory card to store the trend curve record, simultaneous recording 20 parameters (can choose according to need) collect data for once every five seconds, trend curve records can be stored for 300 days.

Power Quality Analyzer also named: Intelligent Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer, Multifunctional Power Quality Analyzer, which simultaneous with the functions of harmonic Analyzer, phase volt-ampere meter, elec-tric parameter tester. It apply to electricity industry, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway, mining enterprises, scientific research institution, metrological department. Especially suitable for comprehensive analysis and di-agnosis on all the voltage, current, power, power, harmonic, phase electric parameters.

1. Basic function
★ Waveform real-time display (4 channels voltage/4 channels current).
★ True RMS values of voltages and currents.
★ The DC components of voltages.
★ Peak current and voltage values.
★ Minimum and maximum half-cycle RMS current and voltage values.
★ Pharos diagram display.
★ Measurement of each harmonic up to order 50.
★ Bar charts show harmonic ratios of current and voltage of each phase.
★ Total harmonic distortion (THD).
★ Active, reactive, apparent power, by phase and cumulative.
★ Active, reactive, apparent energy, by phase and cumulative.
★ Transformer K factor.
★ Power factors (PF) and displacement factors (DPF or COSΦ).
★ Short-term voltage flicker (PST).
★ Three phase unbalance(current and voltage).

2. Capture function
◆Transient capture function
Monitoring instantaneous change of power grid voltage current parameters, including the voltage current fluc-tuations, voltage current surge, sag and short supply interruption, temporary overvoltage, impact current and Current voltage instantaneous distortion. Instruments can store 150 sets of transient waveform at the same time.

◆Starting current monitoring
Monitoring surge current of line and the startup current when electrical equipment is starting, help to correctly design capacity. Can be display the RMS rising / falling curve In the startup process, the envelope curve of startup current, waveform of 4 channels current and 4 channels voltage. Recording about 100s after trigger, storage the current /voltage instantaneous and waveform curve of each cycle in 100s.

◆ Trend chart recording and storing function
Store all the test parameters of basic test functions (Urms, Uthd, Ucf, Uunb, Hz, Vrms, Vthd, Vcf, Vunb, PST, Arms, Athd, Acf, Aunb, KF,W, VAR, VA, PF, COSφ, TANφ),50 voltage harmonics, 50 current harmonics. And create the trend curve. Record data for a long time according to need(concurrent selection 20 parameters to record data for once every five seconds, you can record about 300 days.).

◆Alarm function
Set the limit values according to need, monitoring the values whether overshoot, if overshoot will generate an alarm log, such as: voltage, current, unbalance, harmonic ratio, frequency, active power, total harmonic distor-tion. You can configure 40 different alarms, each group can set different monitoring parameters (including 50 harmonics, total of 123 different parameters) and limit values, also can set the shortest time of overshoot. The log can contain up to 12,800 alarms.
◆Snapshot function
Any screen can be saved (screen snapshot), at the same time automatically records the time and test mode. Such as can save voltage and current waveform, harmonic bar chart, phasor diagram etc. It can save a maxi-mum of 60 screen snapshot.

3. Other functions
◆Communication function
Communicate with computer via USB; Monitoring software can display waveform of power quality analysis, read of the transient waveform, trend chart recording, alarm log, screenshots, and display on the computer.

◆Setting function
The user can configuration of the time and date, configuration of the screen contrast and brightness, definition of each phase curve colors’.
Choice of type of connection to the net work.
Configuration of the type of the current sensors and voltage ratios.
English menu.

Technical specification
1.Base condition and working condition

Influence factor

Test item

Base condition

Working condition

Environment temperature

All parameters


-10°C~ 40°C

Relative humidity

All parameters

40%~ 60%


Phase-to-neutral voltage

All parameters


1.0V~ 1000V

Phase-to-phase voltage

True RMS phase-to-phase voltage


1.0V~ 2000V


True RMS current


10mA~ 6000A

Network frequency

All parameters


40Hz~ 70Hz

Phase shift

Active power and active energy


Cosφ: 0.2~ 1.0

Reactive power and reactive energy


Sinφ: 0.2~ 1.0


All parameters


0.0%~ 100%

Voltage unbalance

All parameters


0.0%~ 100%

Working voltage of device

All parameters


DC9.5V~ 10.5V

External electric field,

magnetic field

All parameters

Should be avoided

Test position

Measured related parameters of current

Tested wire at the center of clamp.

EP Hipot ElectricPower Quality Analyzer EPCR-4000