Warmly Welcome Russian Customers Visiting

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On August 22nd, 2022, Russiancustomers visited Wuhan EP Hipot Electric to check and pre-accept the Russian 250kVA voltage regulator test equipment project undertaken by our factory. Under the careful arrangement of the company's technical director Mr. Chen and the oversea sales team, all departments with active cooperation, the acceptance was successfully completed!


The Russian customer acceptance representatives reviewed the relevant technical documents of the project, compared with the project contract, and inspected the equipment of our company. The specified goals and tasks can be accepted!

The main factory pre-acceptance testing:

1. Visual inspection:
The presence of a plate with technical data and the name of the manufacturer is checked. The absence of mechanical defects and the reliability of fastening parts and assemblies are checked; purity of insulation and integrity of all elements and assemblies; quality of connections (threaded, soldered, welded); the condition of the protective coatings and the absence of oil leakage.

2. Insulation resistance measurement
This is done to determine the integrity of the insulation, the absence of ground faults, and to check the resistance value. For measurement, a megohmmeter is taken to a voltage limit of 2500V, with its help it is possible to measure the insulation and determine the absorption coefficient.

3. High voltage winding insulation measurement
Voltage is applied to the shorted and grounded terminals of the secondary winding. Between the primary winding and the "ground" of the transformer. The resulting resistance value is not less than 1000 MΩ.

4. Low voltage winding insulation measurement
To check, take a 1000 V megger. The resistance is measured between the secondary winding and the shorted primary winding closed to the transformer tank. The resulting resistance value is greater than or equal to 1000 MΩ.

5. DC winding resistance measurement
The resistance value of the windings of single-phase transformers after temperature recalculation should not differ by more than 5% from the initial values indicated in the passport.

6. Checking the operation of the switching device
The conclusion about the correct installation of switching devices is made on the basis of the results of measurements of the DC resistance of the adjustable winding. To check the correct operation of tap changers, a circle diagram is measured. Compared with equipment manufacturer's data.

Wuhan EP Hipot Electric Co., Ltd.

August 22nd, 2022